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Smith and Cult UK Launch – Swatches

23 Aug 2015 (Updated: 31 Aug 2015)

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So! I had a few deliveries come all at once a little while ago and for some reason I didn’t open them straight away. I slowly got through the backlog, but there was still one box sitting on the kitchen side. As I am a bit behind with my samples, I rather reluctantly opened up the box, and when I lifted the lid my eyes literally popped out of head! I saw these beautiful jewels of nail polishes that had been sent to me so I could feature the Smith and Cult UK Launch. I started kicking myself for two reasons. One for ignoring this box of beauty even for a second, and two for not knowing that such nail gloriousness even existed on the earth! What kind of idiot am I?!

Smith and Cult UK Launch

These polishes are amazing in every way. EVERY WAY. Usually when I receive quite a few shades of polishes at once, as I am swatching them I am thinking about which ones I will give away. With these Smith and Cult wonders, I felt myself childishly pulling them towards me thinking ‘no way am I sharing these’! Considering I already own about 4783 nail polishes, this is quite a rare reaction!

Smith and Cult UK Launch

Smith and Cult UK Launch Details

Anyway enough waffle. Here’s what you need to know about the Smith and Cult UK launch. Until now you have only been able get these polishes in the USA. The amazing news for us is that they will now be stocked in Selfridges and Space NK. Considering I had no idea about this brand approximately two days ago and have now stopped kicking myself, I am ridiculously excited to welcome this brand to UK shores.

Smith and Cult UK Launch

Smith and Cult is all about flawless smooth coverage and high shine in a 5-Free formula free from Dibutyl, Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor. And of course it’s about amazing shades and presentation perfection. I can’t even cope with how gorgeous these bottles are!

I have been sent the creator, Dineh Mohajer’s favourite shades and I am pretty much obsessed with each and every one of them. I swatched them and loved every detail from the bottle, to application, to the shade and the names.

Smith and Cult Swatches

Bitter Buddhist:

Smith and Cult Bitter Buddhist Swatch

Cut the Mullet:

Smith and Cult Cut the Mullet Swatch

Doe My Dear:

Smith and Cult Doe My Dear Swatch


Smith and Cult Fauntleroy Swatch

Gay Ponies Dancing in the Snow:

Smith and Cult Gay Ponies Dancing in the Snow Swatch

Ghost Edit:

Smith and Cult Ghost Edit Swatch

Pillow Pie:

Smith and Cult Pillow Pie Swatch

Plastic Beach:

Smith and Cult Plastic Beach Swatch

Psycho Candy:

Smith and Cult Psycho Candy Swatch

Suburban Warrior:

Smith and Cult Suburban Warrior Swatch

Amazing aren’t they?! I am truly OBSESSED. I think they may have actually crept into my dreams last night! Although that isn’t really anything new…

Hurrah for the Smith and Cult UK launch!!! This truly is excellent news for the beauty junkies of Britain! They are available now at Selfridges (see links below) and at Space NK very soon.

Now I also see they do lip gloss! #NEED



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