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Smashbox Contour Stick Trio Review

3 Apr 2015 (Updated: 10 Apr 2015)

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I probably shouldn’t say this again,  but I feel I should. Contouring is huge…massive… it basically isn’t going away. Which is great, because I like it and it also means that kits are getting more and more accessible and easy to use. I have been playing with this new kit from Smashbox, the Smashbox Contour Stick Trio, and I like it.

Smashbox Contour Stick Trio Review

I actually picked these up in Sephora in New York (see the haul video here) but I have just seen it on the UK Smashbox site. I’d imagine that it’ll be coming to Boots pretty soon.

Smashbox Contour Stick Trio Review

The texture of the pencils is just great. Nice and creamy, but not too soft that it goes everywhere once you start blending. I just make sure I blend upwards and it ensures that things don’t get muddy.

Smashbox Contour Stick Trio Review

Smashbox Contour Stick Trio Shades

Smashbox Contour Stick Trio Review
  • Contour
  • Bronze
  • Highlight
Smashbox Contour Stick Trio Review

Smashbox Contour Stick Trio Swatches

Smashbox Contour Stick Trio Swatches

As I said, the texture is creamy and smooth and they blend into the skin really well. You can see how easy to apply they are when I swatch them in this video.

Sorry that the light has changed in this second pic, but I just wanted to show you the swatches blended out a little.

Smashbox Contour Stick Trio Swatches

I am no pro when it comes to contouring, but I found these pretty easy to use, particularly as they have some really helpful instructions that go with the kit. All of the shades are really natural looking, and the highlight very subtly lifts the skin, rather than making it overly sheeny or reflective.

I like the way you use the bronzing shade to make the contour and highlight blend more seamlessly, and it definitely seems to make sense to do it this way.

This was my first attempt here. I took this before setting with powder, so this is what it looks like straight after a bit of blending. I like the effect.

Smashbox Contour Stick Trio Review

I think the Smashbox Contour Stick Trio is a fab kit. I paid $45 for it in Sephora but it’s on the UK site for £35. It’s a little on the pricey side for 3 sticks but they are easy to use and come with a sharpener. If you want to have a little look before you buy, I’d imagine it will be arriving at Boots some time soon, although I can’t say for sure. Let me know if you spot it!



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