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Slendertone Face by Philip Treacy Exclusive to Harrods

13 Oct 2011 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Slendertone Face by Philip Treacy Exclusive to Harrods
I’m super excited because I’ve just got back from another amazing Harrods launch, and this time it was for Slendertone Face by Philip Treacy. And guess what??! The man himself was there!
Slendertone first launched its lifting and anti-ageing device in 2009 and it quickly became a waiting list only product. And now it’s back looking completely gorgeous (compliments of world famous milliner Philip Treacy) with extra programmes and longer duration functionality.
Slendertone Face by Philip Treacy Exclusive to Harrods
It really is lovely to look at, just like the rest of Philip Treacy’s ‘face furniture’ as he likes to phrase it!! Each unit is hand-painted in the UK and therefore every one is unique.
This is a very special collaboration for Philip Treacy as not only is Slendertone an Irish company based in his home town of Galway, but the launch is also in partnership with Harrods.
Harrods, Philip Treacy told us, is the reason that he began his millinery career. Philip actually won a hat making competition set by Harrods and everything flowed from there.
Harrods are already at the forefront of anti-ageing technology, as showcased in their fabulous Techno Beauty area in the Apothecary, where customers can play, try and test out all the latest beauty gadgets. I am sure that it will be a very busy place as Slendertone Face by Philip Treacy becomes another waiting list sensation.
Slendertone Face by Philip Treacy Exclusive to Harrods
Clinical Trials, conducted by Slendertone in collaboration with the University of Galway, showed that using Slendertone Face over a 12 week period, five times a week for 20 minutes increased the Zygomaic Major, the smiling muscles, by 18.6% on average and over 90% of participants stated that their face felt firmer and more toned. Complexions also appeared clearer and more radiant possibly due to the increased blood flow to the skin’s surface.
Slendertone Face Exclusive edition is available now exclusively at Harrods priced at £400.
I am so so so lucky because I was given one of these beauties today! I shall get straight on it as it is right up my street!! Watch this space for progress reports!
I may take Philip Treacy’s advice and wear it out and about – people will probably think it’s a set of  gorgeous headphones! I’ll be young in no time!!


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