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Skincity UK Launch – Your Online Skin Clinic | AD

18 Feb 2019

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If getting yourself to a skin clinic to make sure you are using the right products isn’t as practical as you’d like it to be, then I have the answer for you. Skincity has just launched in the UK and offers online services which replicate visiting a clinic and getting your skin prescription. Here are the details!

Skincity UK Launch
Skincity UK Launch

So, much like if you were to visit a skin clinic, it all starts with a skin test on the Skincity site, which is your online clinic. The test is super easy yet pretty in-depth and it works to ensure you select the right products for your skin type and skin concerns. What’s really great, is that you can use this if you are new to having a skincare routine, but also it can be used to fine tune your current regime.

Skincity Online Clinic

  • Offers an expertly edited selection of professional skincare products & make-up
  • Unique tests with skincare analysis
  • Carefully wrapped parcels and free samples with each order
  • Customer support, consisting entirely of certified skincare therapists
  • Packaging is 100% recycled cardboard and can be recycled along with your regular paper recycling
  • Any bubble wrap can be recycled with your plastics
Skincity Skin Test Recommendations
Skincity Skin Test Recommendations

I did my skin test online and then received this very comprehensive prescription of products. This was created by a real person and skincare expert, along with tips and tricks of how to introduce them into my routine. It’s so helpful. Pretty much everyone that works at Skincity is a certified skincare therapist so you can be assured that the products are carefully chosen.

Skincity Products

The range of products that Skincity stock is also the key to success of the service. They are incredibly picky when it comes to the brands they work with and each product that features on the site has been carefully tested and is backed by thorough research.

Skincity UK Launch
Skincity UK Launch

Skincity say, “For the refined collection of brands that get past our scrutinous selection process comes another phase in our testing. We carefully inspect each product, thoroughly check the ingredients, feel the consistency of the product and evaluate the results. The brands and products that eventually survive to the final cut are guaranteed to be products that we are proud to offer to you.”

Skincity UK Launch
Skincity UK Launch

Products arrive super-fast, so you can get going quickly.

Customer Service = Skincare Therapists

Another key point about the Skincity service is that if you have a question, or need some help, your enquiries are dealt with by a skincare therapist and not simply a customer service assistant. You can phone, email or use online chat to ask questions and get the advice you need about skincare, your order, returns or anything else at all.

Skincity UK Launch

My Thoughts

I have absolutely loved this service. Not only is it super professional and efficient, it really suits my DIY approach to my beauty life! Booking appointments tends to fall right to the bottom of my priority list and I end up doing things myself because it all becomes a bit last minute. So, a service like Skincity really suits me. I have loved the products I have been using and it’s good to know that if I need a top up, or want to try something new, I can get them within 24 hours. Also, I can ask advice any time.

Skincity UK Launch
Skincity UK Launch

And how cute are the little Skincity Kokeshi dolls? These are a little thank you for your custom, based on a Japanese tradition. They come in limited editions so you can collect them!

Check out the full Skincity service offering HERE. If you want to step up your skincare from the comfort of your own home, this is the perfect option.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Stay tuned to the homepage, Instagram and Facebook for news on all the latest launches and products.



*Post created in partnership with Skincity. All opinions are my own.

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