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Skin Chemists Instant Facelift and Eye Lift Review

1 Jun 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Skin Chemists is a high end skincare range which offers a selection of products for different areas of concern on the face, ranging from fine lines and wrinkles to loss of firmness and tone. London based Skin Chemists has been operating for 20 years now, with a global reach, and are renowned for bringing together pioneering ingredients, expert knowledge and extensive research.

Two products which I’ve been testing out are the Skin Chemists Instant Facelift and Instant Eye Lift. Both of these products promise instant results as well as a dramatic reduction in the signs of ageing with continued use. Both of these are big claims, and as these products are at the higher end of the skincare market, and therefore expensive, I was very keen to try them out and see if I could achieve the promised “10 years younger” look, with just a cream.

Skin Chemists Instant Facelift
Skin Chemists Instant Facelift

This serum contains magnesium aluminium silicate, an active ingredient which instantly tightens the skin in a couple of minutes. I don’t know if it is this ingredient which smells, but this serum does have quite a sharp smell. I can’t decipher what it is but whilst I don’t like the smell, it does go quickly.

When I first applied this, I definitely put too much on (with the promise of looking 10 years younger, I wanted to put the whole pot on!). Because of the amount of product I put on, the serum dried to a chalky white and my skin was very tight. It felt like I had a clay mask on which had dried. Once I realised that you only need to apply a very small amount – think more that you are targeting key areas, rather than applying it all over as you would a moisturiser, I was able to work with it better. This certainly does instantly tighten the face, and if you were having photos taken, this would be great to apply before hand. You can apply this under make up but for me, it did feel too tight and drying to wear on its own, so I always applied my usual moisturiser after.

The pot is interesting. You can’t get in to the product, which is probably just as well so you don’t apply too much like I first did. The top of the pot is sealed and you gently press down and the serum is dispensed out through the lid. Be careful as pressing down with even a little bit too much pressure means the serum will shoot out. And you do not want to be wasting any of this on to your bathroom floor!

I have been using this for nearly 10 days now, and whilst an instant facelift has not happened on my skin, I would say that my skin feels smoother and my skin tone appears more even. The vitamin C contained in the serum boosts the radiance and luminosity of your skin and I will continue to use this as the serum part in my skincare routine. For me this product is not about the “instant facelift” claims but the longer term more subtle benefits.

Skin Chemists Instant Facelift
Skin Chemists Instant Eye Lift- £100 for 12ml

The Instant Eye Lift contains the same magnesium aluminium silicate and comes in a serious looking laboratory type syringe. It’s nothing to be scared about though and is just a fancy way to store and apply the serum. Again this does instantly tighten skin. The best way to apply is to put a small amount from the syringe pump on to your finger, smooth over any wrinkles under your eyes and gently hold this area so that the serum dries whilst your eye is lifted.

This product does give an instant lift, but again for me feels a little too tight on the skin. It’s not uncomfortable at all, I’m just not used to the sensation. The issue I have with this product is that you cannot apply a water or oil based foundation on top. So I can only use this at night, which is fine for the ongoing benefits but not so much for the instantly lifted benefit I would like at the start of the day.

Other products in the Extreme Collection range are:

  • Skin Chemists Lip Plump Extreme – An active ingredient stimulates blood circulation, bringing blood flow closer to the surface, giving instantly plumped lips.
  • Skin Chemists Instant Facelift Extreme – A more extreme version of the instant face lift I have tested.

The Skin Chemists range can be found to order online here

If you’d like to try out a few of the Skin Chemists products without a huge financial commitment, there is an extreme effects set including the Lip Plump Extreme, the Instant Eye Lift and the 10 Minute Facelift worth £215.78 which you can currently buy for £49.95 here

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