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Sisley Sisleya Anti-Aging Foundation Review

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I love testing out new foundation and I have really been enjoying the brand new Sisley Sisleya Anti-Aging Foundation. Here are the details along with swatches and before and after photos.

Sisley Sisleya Anti-Aging Foundation
Sisley Sisleya Anti-Aging Foundation

The key thing about this foundation is that it incorporates a lot of skincare in the formulation. So anyone looking for a multi-tasker with a serious dose of anti-ageing will be interested to find out more about this.

Sisley Sisleya Anti-Aging Foundation Features

Sisley Sisleya Anti-Aging Foundation
Sisley Sisleya Anti-Aging Foundation
  • Sisley has combined the brand’s scientific skincare advances with the best of its makeup technology
  • Anti-ageing foundation to deliver radiance and smooth & plump the skin
  • Natural looking coverage
  • Long-lasting wear
  • Natural colour using using ultra-pure pigments for a bare skin effect
  • Makes skin look smoother and more luminous with a complex of 2 Micas
  • Acts on the major signs of skin aging: loss of radiance, wrinkles, loss of firmness & loss of density
  • Trio of actives reduces signs of ageing & promotes optimal cellular energy production
  • Red Vine extract provides a toning action which naturally brings radiance to the skin
  • Unique smoothing base uses a blurring gel which unifies and minimises imperfections
  • Boron Nitride micro-particles provide a soft-focus and correcting effect

There is also a lot more anti-ageing, anti-oxidant action going on, almost too much to mention, but basically, everything you expect in a high quality anti-ageing treatment is in this foundation.

And it is lovely to use. The texture melts into the skin and feels super calming and nourishing. It is ultra-light on the skin in a way that it really doesn’t feel like makeup at all. It gives a beautiful bright, radiant and smooth finish and each time I have worn this, I have had compliments on my skin.

I have been using the Sisley Sisleya Anti-Aging Foundation daily for about a week and my skin is feeling happy and hydrated. When I wear it my lines are softened and my pores appear minimised, and that always makes me happy. I actually find that less is more with this product, and I have been applying to the areas of my face that need coverage, and then blending out with my fingers.

Sisley Sisleya Anti-Aging Foundation Swatch

There are 6 shades in total. Mine is Percelaine (0.B):

Sisley Sisleya Anti-Aging Foundation - Porcelaine
Sisley Sisleya Anti-Aging Foundation Swatch – Porcelaine

The B denotes that is has a beige tone. There are also R shades that use more of a rose tone.

Before & After


Sisley Sisleya Anti-Aging Foundation


Sisley Sisleya Anti-Aging Foundation - Porcelaine
Sisley Sisleya Anti-Aging Foundation – Porcelaine

I love the finish of this on my skin! Some days I have been wearing it without powder when I want a real juicy skin effect and I am not too worried about how long it will last. Even without powder, it lasts very well. It is lovely! It is pretty pricey though, £98 for 30ml, but it does the work of a skin treatment as well as making the complexion beautiful instantly, so we can justify it right?

The Sisley Sisleya Anti-Aging Foundation just launched and is available to order HERE.