Shiseido Sports SPF50+ BB Cream Review - Before & After
By Ree

Shiseido Sports SPF50+ BB Cream Review

28 May 2019

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* [PR sample. Affiliate Link] Products like these are dreamy for me because I can’t live without SPF and I love foundation.  The Shiseido Sports SPF50+ BB Cream combines both of these so elegantly and I have it here to show you.

Shiseido Sports SPF50+ BB Cream

I have tested this out and got on really well with it. It offers up the kind of foundation finish I love – nice and dewy – and gives me the confidence that I am protected from UV. I love Shiseido’s Wet Force formula already, and this one feels even lighter on the skin.

What is Shiseido Sports SPF50+ BB Cream?

So this is all about protecting and perfecting your complexion:

Shiseido Sports SPF50+ BB Cream Swatch Light
Shade Light
  • BB cream combines a medium coverage foundation with a rapidly drying SPF formula
  • Right amount of pigments to even out the complexion & neutralise redness during exercise
  • Helps to shield the skin from the damaging effects of UVA and UVB exposure
  • Uses Shiseido’s WetForce Technology to ensure lasting protection even on wet skin
  • Non-sticky formula blends evenly onto the skin with long-wearing action
  • Formulated to keep skin looking flawless even after sweating and outdoor activity
  • Super lightweight feel
  • Contains an emollient amino acid derivative that helps the skin to retain moisture & prevent dehydration
  • In the case of perspiration, Wet Force technology activates and uses the resulting humidity to reinforce the protective film
  • Quick Dry, a new innovation in 2019, is inspired by textile technology & uses a polymer to disperse sweat on the surface of the skin to help it evaporate more quickly & prevent beads of sweat running down the face
  • Naturally enhances the complexion for a radiant, healthy glow
  • Available in 3 shades – light, medium and dark
Shiseido Sports SPF50+ BB Cream
Shiseido Sports SPF50+ BB Cream

The idea is that the more you move, the the better your skin looks! Whilst I am  not an exerciser as such, I love the idea of a product built to stand up to extremes. And I don’t think I will be needing to exercise to love this. It is the dream summer skin base.

Before & After

So, like I would for a foundation post review, I thought you might find before and after photos helpful so you can see what it looks like on my skin.


I really love the look of this product. It also feels super light yet hydrating – it’s a really comfortable experience, especially considering this is a really high SPF product.

Shiseido Sports SPF50+ BB Cream Compact
Shiseido Sports SPF50+ BB Cream Compact

There is also a Sports BB Compact, which is great for touch ups. Like the cream, it also provides great coverage and it’s a lovely texture that melts into the skin. I think this is a great one to pop in to your handbag when you know you are going to be out and about in warm temperatures.

Shade Light

It’s also lovely and glowy as it has a non-powder finish and the creamy texture glides over the skin easily. It contains SPF 50+ as well as the same technologies as the liquid BB cream.

Where can you buy Shiseido Sports SPF50+ BB Cream?

The liquid BB cream is £30 for 30ml and the Cream Compact is £34 for 12g. They are available at Look Fantastic now. I thoroughly recommend them. The only drawback is that you if you use the liquid every day, you will probably get through it pretty quickly as you need to make sure you are using enough to get the desired protection.

Shiseido Sports SPF50+ BB Cream
Shiseido Sports SPF50+ BB Cream

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