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Selfridges Louboutin Beaute – Exclusive Launch!

31 Jul 2014 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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More exciting Louboutin news! Listen up anyone who has tried but failed to get their hands on a bottle of Louboutin Rouge. The Selfridges Louboutin Beaute Pop Up is exclusively launching the full nail polish line up which includes 30 Nail Colours across the 3 colour families – the Pops, the Nudes and the Noirs!

Selfridges have managed the snag these shades a whole week before any other retailer can get there hands on them. AVAILABLE NOW HERE!

Selfridges Louboutin Beaute – Noirs

Selfridges Louboutin Beaute – Noir Nails

Christian Louboutin Beaute Noirs are the deep, dark colour family made up of blacks, intense blues, dark browns and  green. Each bottle is adorned with a gunmetal to complement the depth of the tones.

Selfridges Louboutin Beaute – Nudes

Selfridges Louboutin Beaute – Nude Nails

So pretty! The Nudes were inspired by a recent shoe collection of the same name and it includes vanillas, chocolates, soft pinks and khakis. They look absolutely stunning with their beautiful rose gold caps.

Selfridges Louboutin Beaute – Pops

Selfridges Louboutin Beaute – Pop Nails

The Pops are a beautiful selection of brights and neon pastels complemented by bright silver caps. I feel like I seriously need the orange!!!

Selfridges Louboutin Beaute Pop Up Dates

So what you really need to know is when you can get your hands on these – I have a feeling that you may need to sharpen your elbows!

The Christian Louboutin Beaute space will be in store in Selfridges from 14th August 2014 until 4th September 2014. 

Who’s excited?!? I think it might be the closest I come to a Louboutin shoe purchase this year!!



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