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Selexir Peace Balm to the Rescue! Reviewed and Approved!

24 May 2013 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Rather distressingly (well in my world) I was recently scuppered by a rather unexpected bout of eczema on my face. The cheek of it! My face! I carried on as usual and pretended I hadn’t noticed but, unsurprisingly, this course of non-action didn’t work. Boo. It was getting itchier and more red so I did the only thing I know how… I took the problem to twitter!
I had lots of help and suggestions (thanks to everyone) and I had the extreme good fortune of having something recommended and sent to me within a day by lovely Liberty of London lass @Liberty_Sarah. And this was it. Say hello to Selexir Peace Balm!
Selexir Peace Balm Review
After 2 uses of this little beauty, the eczema was 90% gone. Seriously! After another 2 applications it was completely gone! And now I never want to stop using it!
Here’s a look at the Peace Balm formulation:

Selexir Peace Balm Review
The Selexir Peace Balm texture is like a solid cream, a bit like 8 hour cream but actually not really! It is much creamier, and it kind of reminds me of something that a doctor might dish out if you needed help, but way more natural and aromatic. As you apply it to the skin, it melts in and actually feels a little watery and it feels so pure that I find myself rubbing it all over my mouth area including my lips. It feels so good, calms instantly and completely WORKS!
I absolutely categorically 100% NEVER want to be without this. In fact, even though the eczema has gone, I haven’t stopped using it. Not exactly sure why. I only use a tiny bit so it is going to last me forever.

The blurb is that it contains 21 natural ingredients, is effective on light to medium eczema and leaves dry or irritated skin feeling calm, nourished and hydrated. I can vouch for that.

Selexir Peace Balm is coming with me wherever I go! You can buy it online at Liberty’s for £39. If your skin needs rescuing and fast, I couldn’t recommend it more! 

Thank you Sarah! You’re my hero!

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