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Sassoon Hair Colour Makeover Part Two! #AD

3 Jul 2017 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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The first thing I have to say in this post is that, I am starting to realise how much of a difference getting my hair colour done professionally is making. Without sounding like a complete narcissist (or at least trying not to!), I have had compliments on my hair for a while, but recently that has changed. Now I am getting compliments on the colour of my hair, which were few and far between before! Here is part two of my Sassoon Hair Colour Makeover. I am really noticing a difference now, and so is everyone else!

Sassoon Hair Colour Makeover Part Two!
Sassoon Hair Colour Makeover Part Two!

I am sorry about the pose in this photo. I am just going to put this out there – I am loving my hair. The kind of colour I am going for needs waves and curls to look its best in my opinion. My Sassoon expert colourist, Mia, agrees.

Sassoon Hair Colour Makeover Part Two!
Sassoon Hair Colour Makeover Part Two!

The colour change you saw in my post showing part one of my Sassoon hair colour makeover was fairly subtle. I could really notice the change but it wasn’t like ‘Wow! New hair colour!’. I think people were expecting more of a difference but the main thing with this process is that it takes time to achieve the perfect results and I have been totally guided by Mia in terms of what will suit me and how I can make sure I don’t damage my hair in the process.

As someone that has mainly DIY’d my hair colour in the past, I have to say, it has been very interesting developing a relationship with a professional colourist. Mia and I have had loads of chats about how I feel about my hair, and where I want to get with it, and I truly believe she understands what it is that I want.

Sassoon Hair Colour Makeover Part Two

This visit to the salon was quite different to the last one. It took less than half the time, yet the results were much more dramatic. I had the base colour in the roots revived and then some of the lighter pieces in the lengths and ends boosted up for a more intense result.

Sassoon Hair Colour Makeover Part Two!
Sassoon Hair Colour Makeover Part Two!

This approach uses minimal bleach and ensure that my hair isn’t damaged. One thing I must point out is that I expected my hair would feel drier and in not as good condition. In fact I feel like I have experienced the opposite. I have made sure I have used masks, conditioners and oils, as I always do, and my hair is looking and feeling great. I really wasn’t expecting that. Mia has done the colour change in just the right way to ensure the condition of the hair isn’t compromised. Amazing.

Sassoon Hair Colour Makeover Part Two!
Sassoon Hair Colour Makeover Part Two!

I am so excited for the next step. The contrast is going to get greater and the colour brighter. Yay! I am living my best hair life!!

I have had loads of questions about which wand I use to create my waves, it is this one from GHD. Love it!

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