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Salon Science Haircare Review With Before & After Pictures

3 Dec 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Salon Science is a Swiss haircare company that uses powerful actives and plant stem cell actives to make a range of targeted haircare that solves a multitude of hair problems. Hair problems such as ageing, damaged over-processed hair, sensitive scalps and hair loss. Think of it as hair medicine.


My hair is thick and curly but it has felt the ravages of having two small kids. At the moment it’s  pretty parched looking and a lot of it fell out soon after the baby was born, so it could do with some medicine. So I couldn’t have been more pleased to receive a selection of Salon Science’s fine hair mending products to try.

Three of the products I was sent contain Swiss Apple Stem Cell Extract. The age busting effects of this particular apple were discovered when it came to the attention of scientists that this rare apple took a really long time to rot. The stem cells of this immortal fruit were extracted and it was found that this extract had anti-ageing properties and could reverse hair loss. I want to bathe in it and drink it.

My Thoughts on Salon Science Haircare

It would probably take several months of using these products to see their full effects, but here are my impressions after trying them for a few weeks.

Salon Science Celluluxe Shampoo- £12 for 250ml

Salon Science Celluluxe Shampoo
Salon Science Celluluxe Shampoo

Celluluxe shampoo is for anti-ageing and restored volume. The plant stem cell technology strengthens and thickens, protects and volumises hair. This is a silky, lightweight cleanser with a light scent of apple. My hair feels clean and moisturised after using. The lid of the bottle is cool also, its a sort of push button that is clean and easy to operate (hate a sticky lid!). Also contains silicone (for smoothing), caffeine (for scalp stimulation), collagen and wheat protein (for conditioning). Celluluxe has lovely slip and foamability, it leaves my hair clean and moisturised. Order it here

Celluluxe Conditioner £15 for 250ml

Salon Science Celluluxe Conditioner
Salon Science Celluluxe Conditioner

Similar to the shampoo, the conditioner contains the magic apple stem cell extract. After using, especially if I have the patience to leave it on for several minutes, my hair feels immediately smoothened (is that a word?), softened and moisturised. It isn’t heavy or difficult to rinse out. Again this has the light scent of apples and the cool click lid. Find it here

Celluntensive Masque £19 for 150ml

Salon Science Celluintensive Masque
Salon Science Celluintensive Masque

This is the absolute bomb for hair transforming moisture. Celluntensive Masque is a moisturising mask for ageing, thinning hair although I’m sure it would benefit any hair type. It’s meant to be used between the shampoo and conditioner steps. It contains Shea butter, Panthenol, Swiss Apple Stem Cell Extract, Wheat Protein, Caffeine and Collagen. Apply to damp hair and leave on for 5-10 minutes. It makes a real difference to the texture of my hair and has become a feature of my Sunday night pamper. Find it here

Reglosse Smoothing Serum £12 for 50ml

Salon Science Reglosse Smoothing Serum
Salon Science Reglosse Smoothing Serum

Reglosse serum is a silicone based serum for use on dry or towel dried hair. I use a small amount rubbed between palms over my blow dried hair, Salon Science recommends one pump, but I don’t feel I need as much as that. Its great for smoothing down flyaway hairs after styling and it contains grape seed extract and Sunflower seed extract to impart moisture to hair. This bottle is going to last a really long time, you need so little product to have an effect. Find it here

Cellucovery Scalp Tonic £19 for 50ml

Salon Science Cellucovery Scalp Tonic
Salon Science Cellucovery Scalp Tonic

This is an interesting product, I have to admit to not having used a scalp tonic before, but it totally makes sense. If you’re trying to make your hair look nice it makes sense to concentrate your efforts on the cells where hair is made. The magical Swiss Apple Extract will nourish hair follicle cells and increase their longevity, which equals fuller healthier hair.

Cellucovery scalp tonic has a fresh perfume scent and comes in a dropper bottle. It takes a bit of practice getting this right into the hair roots. I sort of poke the pipette to the roots of my hair and apply a few drops here and there and then massage in thoroughly. I tend to use Cellucovery scalp tonic in the evening then wash out in the morning, it does make my hair look a little greasy. Its too soon to say whether this is having any effect on my hair growth but I have high hopes. I am sorely tempted to paint some on the annoying bald patch I have in my eyebrow. Find it here

Reprotectant Thermal Creme £12 for 150ml

Salon Science Reprotectant Thermal Spray
Salon Science Reprotectant Thermal Spray

Reprotectant is a spray on heat protection spray that contains a powerful anti-oxidant GSP-T that binds to hair. It prevents heat damage and colour fade. Reprotectant is a light cream that comes in a spray bottle, it has a light perfume to it. The spray doesn’t distribute the product very evenly, so I have taken to spraying it into my palms and applying to the body and ends of my hair before blowdrying. Find it here

Salon Science Hair Products Before & After

I have done some before and after pics. The before picture I just used my usual shampoo and conditioner and blowdried. In the after picture I used all the Salon Science products I mentioned above and the exact same amount of styling.

salon science
Salon Science Before & After

The improvement in the texture of my hair is obvious, it’s so smooth and soft after using the products. I think the Celluintensive Masque really makes the difference. The scalp tonic is an interesting new product and I can’t wait to see the benefits.

Salon Science offers some lovely products that boast properly exciting ingredients. Not only do Salon Science’s products improve hair condition in the short term, they will no doubt have long term positive effects too, thanks to the wondrous plant derived stem cell extracts.

Available now to order online here



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