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Rubis Tweezers Review

10 Jan 2017 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Nicely shaped eyebrows can totally change your look. They make your face look neat and structured. Even if you don’t re-shape them drastically with tweezers, just a general tidy up can make a real difference.

Keeping a pair of tweezers with you can be quite handy whether you’re a big eyebrow re-shaper or not. You might have to be somewhere at the last minute and want to neaten up your brows, upper lip or even your chin. Fortunately, as someone who likes to look neatly presented I was recently sent some Rubis tweezers to trial so I’ve been putting them through their paces.

Rubis Tweezers
Rubis Tweezers Review – Black Velvet Cover

When it comes to tweezers, Rubis Tweezers are definitely at the high end of the market. In fact, makeup guru Bobbi Brown has described them as “The Ferrari of tweezers”. Originally designed for use by precision watch makers from Patek Philippe, Rolex and Cartier, 25 years ago Rubis branched out into the beauty tools market. Their beauty tools are made using the same factories and craftmanship as their precision watch making tweezers, so consequently are some of the very best that money can buy.

Of extremely luxurious quality, they come in a black, velvet cover which means they are easy to transport without damaging them.

It’s always a good idea to keep your tweezers in a cover where possible, because the tips can become damaged if they fall or come into contact with other metal items in your makeup bag. These Rubis tweezers also come with a cover for the tips to further protect them.

Rubis Tweezers
Rubis Tweezers – Tip Cover

If you’ve ever tried a pair of tweezers that just won’t grip the hair you’ll know how frustrating that can be. Happily these ones grip the hair easily. Even better, they remove the hair gently and easily thus keeping pain to the minimum. The pair I tried have a slanted tip so are perfect for grabbing tiny hairs – although there are pointed options too.

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Made from high-quality surgical steel, Rubis tweezers retain their perfect functionality for many years, meaning that although they are more expensive to purchase than cheaper options, they last. Rubis Tweezers are available to order online here

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