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Rituals Spice Trail Fragrance Sticks Review

16 Dec 2013 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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If you are looking for a lovely home fragrance that isn’t obviously Christmassy for the next few weeks then Rituals Spice Trail Fragrance Sticks could be just the ticket.
Rituals Spice Trail Fragrance Sticks

Spice Trail is a limited edition fragrance from Rituals and it’s beautiful. It is softly sweet and spicy with a rich warmth that will leave you feeling all cosy and comfortable.
I really like the Rituals diffusers. The fragrance is subtle but long lasting. I have only just thrown out my Rituals Pure Rose diffuser that I opened in the summer. Although the fragrance evaporated a while ago now, it was still fragrancing the room quite effectively.
It’s a really nice, natural way to gently scent your home and Spice Trail is definitley worth a sniff!
Rituals Spice Trail Fragrance Sticks normally cost £24.50 and should last for around 3 months. The cheapest I can find them at right now is John Lewis where they are currently on sale for £22.05.
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