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Remescar Stretch Marks Cream Review

15 Nov 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Before I had my two children my stomach was one of the only parts of my body I really liked. I was one of those annoying people that never worked out, but through some fluke of genes, my stomach was flat and toned, whatever I ate.

Remescar Stretch Marks Cream Review
Remescar Stretch Marks Cream Review

Then, at the age of 28 I had my first daughter and everything changed. Overnight, I went from someone who could eat anything and never gain weight, to someone who could glance at a cookie and gain a pound. Not only that, but around the eighth month of my pregnancy I went to bed with a very large bump but perfectly smooth skin, and woke up with a stomach criss-crossed with bright red marks; stretch marks.

The morning I discovered them I sat on my bed and howled. Then howled some more when my obstetrician, a man who sees pregnant stomachs all day, commented on how I had “rather a lot of stretch marks.”

Whatever I read though, and however much I researched, it all said the same thing. Once you have stretch marks, they never go.

Remescar Stretch Marks Cream Review
Remescar Stretch Marks Cream Packaging

Many years later, having tried various creams and oils over the years, I can say with some certainty that stretch marks on the scale I have them, don’t go by themselves. They have faded and are no longer the fiery red they once were, but they stubbornly remain, in the form of tiny, silvery, dented lines that criss cross my stomach and particularly show up in the sun.

So, I was somewhat dubious about trying a cream that claims to treat and prevent stretch marks. The prevent part I could believe- the treat part I was more suspicious of. So, in order to really compare, I trialled the cream on half my stomach to see if I could see a difference between the two sides after treatment.

Remescar Stretch Marks Cream Review- Trial

Remescar Stretch Marks Cream Review
Remescar Stretch Marks Cream Instructions

From what I can understand, Remescar cream works in a similar way to those silicone patches that you place over scars to promote healing. Just as they improve the appearance of scars, Remescar, by forming a fine silicon layer over the stretch marks promotes the healing of stretch marks.

In addition, it moisturises the area which helps to improve the visual appearance and to prevent new stretch marks forming. To use, you apply the cream twice daily for 2-3 months.

I trialled the cream on the right side of my lower stomach, as the lower stomach is the area in which I have stretch marks. Despite my initial scepticism, within weeks I was able to see a difference in the two sides of my stomach. So much so, that after a month I decided that I needed to treat both sides for fear of them becoming uneven. It was starting to look odd to have one side treated and one not.

Remescar Stretch Mark Cream Review- Results

Remescar Stretch Marks Cream Review
Remescar Stretch Marks Cream Review – Ingredients

My stretch marks had already lost all their redness, so the cream didn’t help in that respect. What it did do, however, was to make the stretch marks appear finer and less deep. By making them finer and shallower, they appear less noticeable than they did before treatment.

After the full three months of treatment, I do still have stretch marks. However they are definitely improved. They are absolutely still there and are visible to the naked eye- especially if you are looking for them. However I would say they are 50% improved on where they were at the start of treatment. They definitely look less pronounced and I don’t think you’d notice them at first glance.

Once the initial colour of stretch marks have faded I think it’s the depth of them that makes them stand out against the skin. When you turn, particularly with bright light shining on you, it’s the depth that makes them visible, like tiny scars, against the rest of your skin. By reducing the depth, and the width, they look like tiny, fine lines on the skin, rather than like stretch marks scarred into the skin.

Remescar Stretch Mark Cream Review- Conclusion

So, would I recommend Remescar? I absolutely would. For me, it hasn’t given a perfect result. I don’t have skin which looks the way it did before my pregnancies. However, it has definitely improved the appearance of my stretch marks at least 50%. What I’m now left with are tiny, fine, silvery lines on the surface of the skin. As they no longer have much depth, I think that with a slathering of fake tan over the top they will be almost unnoticeable next summer.

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