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ReeFit: The Return to Spin!

25 Oct 2011 (Updated: 16 Feb 2018)

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Virgin Active Spinning Class
If you’ve been following ReeFit, you’ll know that I used to be an avid gym-goer, some would say addicted, but for a few different reasons, I lost the bug and went from fit to…. not exactly fat but far from being happy with my body.
If you want to hear how I got motivated again, please feel free to check out my explanation here
I went back to my favourite place, Virgin Active, and although it was a rather timid re-introduction at first, I have been growing in confidence daily and I really think I am getting there.
My absolute fave class, for it’s fun and it’s effectiveness, was always spinning. I blooming loved it!! It gave me the firmest legs, the most amazing calorie burn and an adrenalin rush like no other! But I forgot all that and have been scared to go back, because the last time I did a class like that, I was fit and energetic and nothing at all like the lazy lethargic person I had become.
In the midst of my detox, I was at the gym and not really thinking straight and kind of accidentally floated into a spin class without fully meaning to. And I absolutely loved it!! I worked a bit too hard for someone who hadn’t eaten for a few days, however I have been bitten by the bug again and the zest for spin is back!!
If you want to get fit, burn calories, have fun and really go for it, I can’t recommend spinning enough. And to be honest, even if at first you don’t really want to go for it and you would prefer to ease in gently, then I still recommend it because you really can go at your own pace and level.
Here are some fast facts about Virgin Active’s spinning classes:
  • At Virgin Active, Group Cycle and V Cycle classes are always featured in the top three most attended classes across the country. 
  • A typical month can see over 89,000 attendances to classes, more than any other class style featured on timetables
  • Benefits include increased VO2 max, i.e. how aerobically fit you are
  • Because cycle classes challenge the cardio respiratory system, this strengthens the heart, making it more efficient
  • Cycling also improves lung capacity and uses a lot of energy in the form of calories
  • Depending on weight and fitness levels, participants can burn up to 1000kcal in a 60 minute class
Oh my goodness! A thousand calories!!! Get me there every day!! LOVE it!!!
For more information visit Virgin Active online.
P.S. Apologies for the generic photo but I could probably get accosted taking photos in the gym! The classes are way fuller than this by the way!

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