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ReeFit Part 4: Post-Detox – The Return to Food!

24 Oct 2011 (Updated: 16 Feb 2018)

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Rather than a ReeFit video, I am doing a post for you today. This is because it’s half term and filming is incredibly difficult with a nosey eight year old around!
Anyway, back to it. Having successfully completed the Purifyne 7 Day Detox plan, I then had to deal with the post-detox phase to ensure that all my hard work didn’t go to waste.
I received some detailed instructions from Purifyne on how to begin eating again (sounds bizarre) and I decided  to follow them very closely for fear of messing up.
It went a little bit like this…

Day One – raw fruit and vegetables. I had yummy berries for breakfast, a salad with raw broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, olives and a couple of prunes with sunflower seeds for lunch, and then something very similar for dinner. Throughout the day I drank fresh berry smoothies and snacked on carrots and celery and generally felt very spoilt after a week of not eating!

Day Two was rather similar to Day One but I added in some organic natural yoghurt and honey for breakfast, some cottage cheese and hummus at lunch, and I snacked on apples. For dinner I had soup made from cauliflower, celery and carrot.

Day Three was very exciting because I had porridge for breakfast – it was a carb fest!!! I had more soup for lunch (left over from the day before) and steamed veggies for dinner.

On Day Four I was allowed to return to my chosen diet, but I have to say I pretty much continued with what I’d been following earlier in the week as I was more than satisfied with it.
Things got tricky on Friday when I had to go to a funeral and the buffet was fairly impossible!! My nutrition consisted of carrot sticks, celery, nuts from my handbag, and vodka and tonic! All day!! Until the evening when we ended up in a Chinese restaurant.

As you can imagine, Chinese takeaway food is most probably the worst minefield for dieters. I opted for king prawns and vegetables with a side of bean sprouts, but it was pretty much a MSG fest!! This was followed by more vodka and some wine. It was a rather boozy affair.

On Saturday, it was a long journey back to London, with only sandwiches available on the train, so I chose tuna and cucumber with light mayo on wholemeal bread. I had veggie chilli for dinner when I got home – lots of it to feed the hangover!!
Overall, the week went very well. The weigh in this morning was as I had expected. I have put some weight back on, but only 2 lbs which I am pleased with considering I have returned to food and had quite an alcohol binge too! I am still 11lbs lighter than I was three weeks ago and feeling so much healthier!!
I am back on track today and expect to shift those extra lbs this week. I still have quite a few more pounds to lose to get back in those skinnies and I’m feeling positive!! See you next time.


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