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Ree-View: Lauren’s Way Glam Tan from TOWIE’s Lauren Goodger Review

29 Oct 2011 (Updated: 16 Feb 2018)

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Lauren’s Way Glam Tan from TOWIE’s Lauren Goodger
So yesterday, I told you about my new Lauren’s Way goodies and today I started playing!!
I turned my attention to the most exciting of the new additions – Lauren’s Way Glam Tan. Now because it’s colder at the moment, I haven’t had my legs out for a while so have been doing the ‘cheat’ tan – you know, just the bits on show!
So five minutes ago my legs were deathly white with strong blue tones. This is how I’d describe my natural skin colour without any fake tan intervention. After a quick and easy application with the Lauren’s Way Glam Tan, this is what they look like now…

Lauren’s Way Glam Tan from TOWIE’s Lauren Goodger 

Lauren’s Way Glam Tan from TOWIE’s Lauren Goodger
Lauren’s Way Glam Tan from TOWIE’s Lauren Goodger

I hear that the Glam Tan formula is Lauren Goodger’s favourite. CHECK OUT MY VIDEO REVIEW HERE.

It’s really really easy to apply. Lots of people have been asking what’s the difference between the Glam Tan and the Bronzing Lotion so here’s a quick low-down for you.
The Glam Tan is basically a bottle of liquid tan – water consistency- that you spritz on the mitt provided with the bottle and then sweep over your skin. It blends really easily, gives you an amazing instant colour, dries pretty much immediately and you can get dressed and go. It’s like a spray tan in a bottle that you apply with a mitt to ensure a flawless finish.
It is easier and lighter to blend than the lotion, so I’d imagine that you may prefer it if you were more of a beginner. It’s difficult to say which I prefer because I love the lotion and the mousse, and now I love the Glam Tan too!!
The other bonus …. still no fake tan smell, which is one of the things I love most about Lauren’s Way.  
I am yet to discover how well it develops but I will write you another post on that after this application develops and I have washed it off. However I’d imagine that it will work very much like the mousse and the lotion.
You can buy Lauren’s Way Glam Tan for £18.95 including a good quality mitt for application.
Be back soon with more Lauren’s Way news for you.
I am giving this a major thumbs up!! If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.

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