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Rawgaia Organic Goji Goddess Beauty Balm

3 Jun 2017 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Rawgaia is a brand passionate about making pure, cold pressed, organic products suitable for all skin types. All ingredients used in each product are natural without the use of any fillers involved. They pride themselves on using only raw, organic superfoods giving your skin all the nourishment and goodness that it needs. They’re also vegan friendly.

What I love about Rawgaia is their attention to detail with all things ethical. They DO NOT test on animals and neither do any of their suppliers, meaning they’re totally cruelty free. Their glass bottles and jars are completely recyclable and any packaging chips used to ensure safe delivery of your items are 100% biodegradable and can be added to any compost heap.

Rawgaia Organic Goji Goddess Beauty Balm
Rawgaia Organic Goji Goddess Beauty Balm

I was lucky enough to have the Rawgaia Organic Goji Goddess Beauty Balm sent out to me and boy was I in for a treat. On opening the product I wasn’t sure what to expect since it’s made from raw, plant based ingredients. Once I unscrewed the lid the most beautiful smell wafted out and I just had to dive in and apply the balm to my face. It comes in a solid form that can easily be scooped out. The balm will slowly start to melt from the heat of your hand and it can then be applied to the face.

The face balm for me is better used when you’re having a no makeup day or during evenings since its more of a facial oil that needs time to soak into the skin. After a few uses I have to admit the strong smell of the balm was getting a little bit much for me since its quite an overpowering odour. The only way I can describe the smell is that its very similar to the smell of raw dark chocolate with fruity undertones. I love the smell but it does take some getting used to after a while. However saying that I’m now very much used to the smell and can quite happily cope with it throughout the day.

Rawgaia Organic Goji Goddess Beauty Balm
Rawgaia Organic Goji Goddess Beauty Balm

Rawgaia Organic Goji Goddess Beauty Balm Results

I wasn’t very sure what I’d get in terms of results using the balm. On my first and second use I had quite a few impurities push their way out of my skin. I figured this was one of those times where it has to get worse to get better! I continued to use the balm and noticed my skin started to look more refreshed of a morning. I’ve also been getting a really even all over skin tone with use of this and around my eye area I have noticed a brightness that I don’t usually have. Another perk is that I’ve noticed those under the skin type spots across the forehead have reduced and cleared up. That for me is a shocker and a win at the same time!

I definitely feel like using raw, natural superfoods is the best remedy and protection for my skin. It’s a skincare secret that everyone should know about! The balm doubles up as a highlight if you want to achieve that subtle dewy look without use of makeup. The Rawgaia Organic Goji Goddess Beauty Balm retails at £22 a pot and I absolutely believe it’s worth every penny. I’ll be recommending this to anyone and everyone! Find Rawgaia Organic Goji Goddess Beauty Balm here



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