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Q Fine Fragrance Body Sprays for Men and Women

12 May 2013 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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 I absolutely love these bargain body sprays from new brand Q, which has recently launched into Boots.

Q Fine Fragrance Body Sprays for Men and Women

I don’t use body sprays that much these days because, being a beauty blogger, I am fortunate enough to be absolutely spoilt for choice with luxury fragrance. But in the old days, I used to fiercely guard my one bottle of expensive perfume, and it often came down to rationing and special occasion use only when I was nearing the end of a bottle with no birthdays or visits to duty free on the horizon!
Q would have been absolutely perfect for me then.

Q is all about high quality ingredients put together by a high end fragrance house in a formulation that you can mist all over your body.  You can smell as fragrant as you want, as often as you want, without breaking the bank. Q also offers sense-active deodorant protection so it’s double bubble on the benefits front.
There are a few difference fragrances in the Q range. I have Awe which is for women and Invigorate which is for men. 
Q Fine Fragrance Body Sprays for Men and Women
They both smell lovely and have a real expensive quality about them. These are body sprays for grown ups!
You can pick up Q Fine Fragrance Body Sprays at Boots for £2.29. I really recommend giving them a try if you are looking to extend your fragrance wardrobe, or make your fave fragrance last longer.

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