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Proskins Slim Sleep Bra Review

8 Dec 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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I have always liked the idea of a sleep bra but the problem is, one of the first things you want to do at the end of a long day is get your bra off, not put another one on! But I have been testing out the Proskins Slim Sleep Bra and think I may have found the one. Here are the details.

Proskins Slim Sleep Bra Review
Proskins Slim Sleep Bra Review

The press release from Proskins begins, “If you are one of those women who loves sleeping in your bra…” but I don’t think I have met many of these ladies. Most of the girls I know are more of the ‘bra off, feet up’ variety. However, I know that Marilyn Monroe always slept in her bra for beauty reasons, and I would like to be a bit more like Marilyn.

Proskins Slim Sleep Bra Features

  • Gives night time breast support
  • Constructed from patented micro-encapsulated yarn, which contains ingredients to help smooth and moisturise the skin
  • RETINOL A to stimulate collagen production
  • VITAMIN E with antioxidant properties to prevent the effects of ageing
  • ALOE VERA PLANT EXTRACT to moisturise and increase skin firmness
  • CAFFEINE, CERAMIDES and FATTY ACIDS for a smooth and hydrated décolletage

Now apart from that this sleep bra is insanely comfortable, it really does keep everything in place which is something I worry about as a large-busted gal. On top of this, I definitely think it has a skin smoothing effect. I used to have a pair of the Proskins Slim leggings and they were brilliant and made my skin super soft. The bra has the same effect.

Proskins Slim Sleep Bra Review
Proskins Slim Sleep Bra Review

I haven’t noticed any slimming, which I think is a good thing because we don’t all want vanishing boobs overnight. But after using it for a few weeks, I think the skin is slightly softer and I have been sleeping well with everything under control. The fabric also works to regulates body temperature which aids my sleep. And for peace of mind and hygiene, it is treated with  antibacterial treatment, Stay Fresh Silver. Everything is good.

In terms of sizing, I would say stick to your frame size, even if your boobs are on the large size. I went for a medium as I am a 32F, but it was too big and the small size offers the perfect support. It is quite stretchy and comfortable so it doesn’t feel too tight. We are not talking sports bra here – who could sleep in one of those?

I woud definitely recommend the Proskins Slim Sleep Bra is you are looking for a night time solution as it offers appropriate control with skincare benefits. It is £34.95 available HERE. For more information on Proskins, click here.



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