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Pouty Lipzz Plumping Lip Serum – Kiss Thin Lips Goodbye

26 Feb 2017 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Creating massively plump lips has become one of the biggest trends in cosmetics thanks to the likes of celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Charlotte Crosby and Khloe Kardashian – who regularly get a little help in order to achieve the perfect pout. However, you don’t need painful lip injections or cosmetic procedures in order to achieve full lips – that’s where Pouty Lipzz comes in! With Pouty Lipzz Plumping Lip Gloss Serum, you can enhance your lips in an instant without the need for painful procedures. You can use it on its own or use it after applying your lip colour.

Pouty Lipzz Plumping Lip Serum
Pouty Lipzz Plumping Lip Serum

I don’t have thin lips myself but I like trying to achieve plump lips. I tend to do this by using lip liner or lip crayon then applying matte liquid lipsticks, but I was keen to try out Pouty Lipzz.

Pouty Lipzz is very thick, very glossy and very minty. After application it leaves a very tingly sensation on your lips but then it leaves your lips feeling very smooth and moisturised, and it’s long-lasting too.

In order to achieve the desired effect of fuller lips, use three times a days for a month and you should see your lip volume increase significantly by up to 40%. Best of all, the lip gloss has no parabens, which means that you are guaranteed to comfortably improve the fullness of your lips and leave them looking and feeling luscious.

Before & After

Pouty Lipzz Plumping Lip Serum Before
Pouty Lipzz Plumping Lip Serum

I used Pouty Lipzz for over a month. I saw a slight change but not a dramatic improvement, but that is probably because my lips are naturally a bit big. I would recommend that if you want to achieve the big pouty look day-to-day then apply your favourite lip product then apply Pouty Lipzz on top. Alternatively, apply it the night before in order to plump them and moisturise them overnight, then apply your favourite lip product the next day.

Pouty Lipzz is so effective at plumping your lips, that it is now commonly used amongst make-up artists, bloggers, vloggers, digital media influencers, celebrities and beauty lovers.

You can find Pouty Lipzz Plumping Lip Serum to order online here

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