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Play Skin Smart Microcurrent Face Mask by Baldan

3 May 2017 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Baldan has just introduced its new Play Skin Smart Microcurrent Face Mask for increasing skin hydration using micro currents from your smart phone. This cult product in Europe is new to the U.K.

Play Skin Smart Microcurrent Face Mask by Baldan
Play Skin Smart Microcurrent Face Mask by Baldan

Whatever will they think of next!? Play Skin is a hydrogel mask that you plug into your phone to harness its electrical micro currents. I haven’t seen a beauty product that connects to an app before, maybe it’s the future? Italian beauty company Baldan have designed play masks to increase skin’s hydration by an average of 115% in one use.

How the Play Skin Smart Microcurrent Face Mask works:

The Play Skin mask is connected through the jack to your smartphone, which activates a low-density micro-current acting on a muscle and cell level to regenerate tone and increase radiance, whilst enhancing the moisturising and anti-ageing substances contained in the mask. The hydrogel mask itself is made of Camelia Sinesis (a type of green tea that hasn’t been processed) in this form it contains the maximum amount of antioxidants such as flavonoids, vitamins and polyphenols, which counteract the skin aging process. It also features hyaluronic acid, our skin’s natural moisturiser, giving firmness and tone and co- enzyme Q10 to counteract the peroxides that damage the collagen and elastin in our skin. Studies showed an average 190% increase in hydration after 5 weeks use.

Play Mask promises recovery of facial muscle tone, oxygenated and softer skin and an immediate lifting effect

Play mask comes with an adjunctive Renewal Cream that works with the masks, it contains Glycolic Acid and Teprenone. Glycolic Acid is a AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) that exfoliates and smoothes the skin. Teprenone is an exciting new ingredient that increases skin smoothness and hydration and may be able to stabilise cell DNA.

Play Skin Smart Microcurrent Face Mask Review

I was excited and nervous in equal measure to try the Play Mask. It’s not something you do every day, is it, attach electrodes to your face? The packaging contains a bewildering selection of wires and sachets but luckily there is a comprehensive list of instructions with pictures on the back of the box. I had a sample pack containing 2 weeks worth of product, but the Play Mask that you purchase comes with 5 masks and a proper tube of the Renewal Cream.

Looking a bit nervous with electrodes on my face!

First thing you must do is download the Play Skin app to your phone, it’s available on iOS and Android. You lay out the hydrogel masks and stick on the electrodes (the mask is in two halves, you attach one electrode to each half) Then you attach a double sided sticker to the back of the electrode in order to stick the electrode to your head.

You peel the backing from the mask and adhere it to your face. Then you have to wrangle the wires- there’s a wire that connects to the phone to the electrodes, so you plug yourself in then loop the wires behind the ears. when you’re all rigged up you can start your app.

The app makes the noise of a gong and starts the treatment, I almost expected to feel an electrical pulse, but there’s no sensation at all. You are not allowed to play with your phone while the treatment is taking place, which for me as a phone addict was a little irritating. I had to sit still for 10 whole minutes and not check Twitter!! Its entirely different to a moist sheet mask, it’s not wet, the hydrogel is tacky and adheres to the skin pretty well.

Once the treatment is done you peel the mask off and dispose of it, then apply the Renewal Cream. Renewal Cream is a moisturising Shea Butter based cream with plenty of glycolic acid in it. You can feel the acidity, it stings. I like the sting as I am quite used to acids in my skincare, but if you are not used to acidic skin products or have sensitive skin, you might find Renewal Cream a bit strong.

Does the Play Skin Mask Work?

I’ve taken some close up, makeup free, filter free selfies before and after so you can judge for yourself. The photos are taken after just one treatment and Baldan recommend a one mask a week for five weeks, with daily Renewal Cream for optimum results.

Play Skin Smart Microcurrent Face Mask- Before
Play Skin Smart Microcurrent Face Mask- After

I feel there is some improvement in the plumpness and hydration of my skin. The fine lines under my eyes look better. After using the mask my husband commented on how fresh I looked. It was fun to use too, if a little fiddly. I liked the cream quite a lot, I was wondering if I could buy it separately. I definitely felt that there was some improvement in how my skin appeared and I would like to see what happened after the recommended five weeks.

Play Mask by Baldan is £89.99 for 5 weeks treatment and currently only available via its Italian website although it is due to launch in the UK shortly.


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