Philosophy Time in A Bottle Serum Review & Giveaway
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Philosophy Time in A Bottle Serum Review #AD

4 May 2017 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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If you are looking for a new serum, or want to start including one in your regime, then this post is going to be useful! I have been using and testing the Philosophy Time in A Bottle Serum and it’s a very hard-working serum indeed. Here are all the details about the serum and the low-down on how I am getting on with it. Enjoy! Find it HERE

Philosophy Time in A Bottle Serum
Philosophy Time in A Bottle Serum

First off, what I love about this serum is that it comes in very unique packaging which makes you feel like you are your very own chemist! It comes in two parts that you mix yourself. It’s really fun!

Philosophy Time in A Bottle Serum
Philosophy Time in A Bottle Serum

Why use a serum?

First, I thought it would be useful to look at why you should be using a serum. Personally, a serum is one of my musts when it comes to looking after my skin. What I love about serums is that they contains super concentrated ingredients that work at a much deeper level in your skin than a moisturiser. This is the treatment element of a regime and consistent use will deliver noticeable improvements in your skin.

Philosophy Time in A Bottle Serum Features

Philosophy Time in A Bottle Serum
  • Two part serum addresses the three dimensions of time – past, present and future
  • Uses an exclusive liposome complex with 4 enzymes that address different dna damage from light, pollution and free radicals, and stimulate the skin’s dna repair
  • Potent vitamin C & antioxidant complex (with gooseberry and pomegranate extracts) neutralises free radicals and protects skin from daily aggressors
  • Himalayan red rice, red grape ferment and plantain stimulate the production of youth proteins including collagen and elastin
  • Suitable for all ages – 20s through to 50s and beyond
Philosophy Time in A Bottle Serum

It has an awful lot going on and it is also intensely hydrating, creating the perfect base for moisturiser. I have been using this serum for over three weeks and my skin loves it. Apart from injecting a serious shot of hydration, I have found this really smoothing anud brightening and have loved the soft, radiant skin it has delivered. My complexion has started to feel firmer to the touch and my lines and wrinkles are looking less obvious. Fabulous!

Philosophy Time in A Bottle Serum

Philosophy Time in a Bottle is really easy to use. It has a fresh-pour system which ensures the highest level of potency by mixing the serum and the activator before the first use. Then you are good to go. The serum feels beautiful as it is applied and sinks in instantly for comfortable, smooth skin. After eight weeks of use, 100% of women reported firmer skin and 88% of women showed visible improvement in wrinkles.

Everyone needs a serum in their life so if you fancy trying out Philosophy Time in A Bottle you can find it HERE for £55. Make sure you check out my Instagram page for the chance to win one of two bottles of this super serum.



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