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Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Roots Up!

26 Nov 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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I am slightly obsessed with having what I like to call ‘top vollers’… to you and people who don’t know me, I mean volume. I have fairly fine, flat hair (although those sneaky coarse grey hairs are helping bulk it up). So, if something says ‘thickening’, ‘volumising’ and ‘texturising’ I’m sold.

PhilipB Cover Image

Philip B hair care is one of Hollywood’s hair heroes and his range is super, super, duper luxe. So, I was delighted when I could not only try some of his range, but a volumising product too (hurrah!).

Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Roots Up is a volumising root booster & finishing spray. It claims to

“flash freeze” hair at the roots for all-day volume, and doubles as a finishing spray to lock styles in place with firm, touchable, brush-able hold

What is really interesting about Roots Up! is that it has a double nozzle. The main ‘typical’ nozzle, which gives you all over volume, then you can flip down the white attachment for a more concentrated and precise application… super oomph. I think that’s pretty smart. Buy it HERE

Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Roots Up!
Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Roots Up – Nozzle

It has extracts of chamomile, comfrey, rose hip & geranium, sports luxurious packaging and a gorgeous fragrance (a lovely warm scent that lasts all day). But, does it work?

Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Roots Up Before and After
Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Roots Up Before & After


I think the photos speak ‘volumes’ (sorry!). As much as I love this, I do have to say that it does make you hair ever so slightly crunchy. I think this is just because it has a hairspray quality to it to lock that volume in. To relieve the crunch, I just like to lightly scrunch my fingers through the ends and you are good to go.

This is my new go to hair styling product, and if you love the vollers as much as me, I highly recommend. It releases some time in January 2016 and I’ll update once I have a firm date. Update: Find it here


Tazitea x


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