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Phil Smith Coco-licious Haircare Range Review

15 Jul 2017 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Ever since I was a young girl, I have had a love for hair and hair care. For as far back as I can remember, I loved to style hair. I loved to try different shampoos, conditioners and intensive treatments and I loved going to the hairdresser.

Once I was older, I started trying hair products from hair salons. I realised very quickly how much better they were for my hair. Whilst they were a little more expensive than regular high street brands, the quality and results were far superior and they lasted much longer!

Phil Smith Coco-licious
Phil Smith Coco-licious

Over time, I have tried many different haircare brands, both high street and high-end. It was through this experimentation that I discovered the Phil Smith brand. He started in the hairdressing industry with Toni and Guy and his career eventually led him to launch his own line of haircare products and win many awards. His range is stocked by Sainsbury’s nationwide and includes many beautiful products.

The first product I tried from the Phil Smith range was the dry shampoo, which is by far the best dry shampoo I have ever used. From that point onwards I was keen to try more from his collection. This led me to try the Coco-licious range. I love coconuts and their versatility in food and I have tried various coconut based beauty products so it was only a matter of time before I tried a coconut based haircare product!

Phil Smith actually has a couple of coconut based products. One is made with coconut oil and the other uses coconut water. I tested the latter, using the shampoo, conditioner and texture spray.

As with all of Phil Smith’s collections, the packaging is simple, contemporary and eye-catching. All the products come in reasonable sizes so they will last for some time and a small amount of product will go a long way. I have used the Phil Smith Coco-licious range over the course of a couple of weeks and, as expected, I was not disappointed.

Phil Smith Coco-licious Coconut Water Shampoo

Phil Smith Coco-licious
Phil Smith Coco-licious Coconut Water Shampoo

This shampoo is a clear, loose gel formula. It smells heavenly and lathers reasonably quickly once mixed into the hair with water. It rinses out easily and leaves my hair feeling noticeably clean without making it feel dry or rough. I used the shampoo without the conditioner on the first occasion to see how my hair would feel once dry. I have to say I was very pleased with how soft and silky my hair felt. Find it here

Phil Smith Coco-licious Coconut Water Leave in Conditioner

Phil Smith Coco-licious
Phil Smith Coco-licious Leave In Conditioner

It is rare for me to use a leave in conditioner unless it is an intensive treatment, primarily because my hair will feel greasy and difficult to style. I was, therefore, a little nervous about trying this conditioner but I needn’t have been!

This conditioner is a pale white, runny cream-like texture which you apply to towel dried hair and leave in. It can also be applied immediately after washing when hair is still very wet and works the same way.

As with the shampoo, it smells gorgeous and after using the shampoo and conditioner together, my hair felt amazing! It was lovely and soft, was not greasy at all and did not feel heavy the way it can do when I’ve used a leave in conditioner before. I could see that my hair was smoother and shinier and the coconut smell was still strong even hours after washing! Find it here

Phil Smith Coco-licious Coconut Water Texture Spray

Phil Smith Coco-licious
Phil Smith Coco-licious Texture Spray

Whilst I love trying all sorts of products on my hair, a texture spray isn’t something I have ever used. This spray is meant to be sprayed into towel dried hair, all over, and then dried with a diffuser or left to try naturally, leaving you with soft, beach like waves and a tropical scent. I used this spray as directed but without a diffuser, as I don’t own one. Instead, I scrunched my hair whilst drying it with a hairdryer. I also let my hair dry naturally after using it on a couple of occasions to see whether there was a difference in the result.

The first thing I noticed was that the spray made my hair feel like I had just come out of the sea. By this I mean that it felt a little coarse and tacky as opposed to soft. It did smell beautiful though!

When I used it with the scrunch technique and a hairdryer, my hair did have some waves. However, it was not dramatically different to how my hair usually looks. Had I used a diffuser the result may have been more obvious. When I left my hair to dry naturally, without scrunching, the result was even more subtle. That being said, what I also tried was curling my hair with a curling tong after using the spray and that gave me great results! My curls held for much longer than usual and even lasted into the following day. Overall, for me, the spray did not really give me beach-like waves. It did work very well as a pre-curling product and I will definitely keep using it in that way! Find it here

Phil Smith Coco-licious Range Conclusions

The Phil Smith Coco-licious range is lovely and for the most part, it did exactly what it states it would. My hair is in great condition, smells divine and feels amazing! I will happily buy more of this range in the future. Whilst the texture spray did not deliver the results I was expecting, its alternative use as a curling agent is just as good! If you have never tried Phil Smith haircare before and would like to know more you can click here for the full collection – there’s something for everyone!

Dippalli xxx

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