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Petits Rituels Provence Candle Review

24 Apr 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Petits Rituels Provence Candle
Petits Rituels Provence Candle

If you’ve been starting to think about your summer holiday over the past week or so of slightly warmer weather, then here is the perfect candle to gently transport you into a relaxed, summery mood. The Petits Rituels Provence candle has the kind of calming, relaxing effect that puts you in mind of glasses of rosé,  olive groves and long evenings of warm breezes on gently sun-kissed skin.

Petits Rituels Provence Candle
Petits Rituels Candles – Provence

If you’re not familiar with Petits Rituels, they’re an artisan, aromatherapy candle maker, who make gorgeously luxurious, natural candles. Every candle is handcrafted in England, using 100% natural waxes and essential oils, with pure cotton wicks.

If you’ve never been to Provence it’s one of the most enchantingly beautiful places I’ve visited- olive groves, rambling farm houses, hill towns, ancient chateaux and of course, endless lavender fields. In keeping with this Provencal theme the Petits Rituels Provence candle combines lavender, Rose Geranium and Ylang Ylang to create a scent that is the sensory equivalent of an afternoon in Provence.

Petit Rituels Provence Candle
Petits Rituels -Provence

The scent has a definite lavender undertone, but it’s a fresh, herbal kind of fragrance, with a depth to it that is almost spicey, and although it’s definitely relaxing, there’s also something about it that is quite uplifting too. During periods of insomnia I often use the Sleep+ pillow spray, and this candle, with it’s lavender scent, reminds me of that and instantly relaxes me.
I’m not sure if it’s the essential oil, or the ylang ylang, or lavender, but something about the scent also smells like the kind of spa that you find in incredibly expensive 6 star hotels. In my previous pre- children modelling life, I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of time in such places and the instant I smelt this it sent me straight back there to a feeling of being indulged and pampered.
petits rituelsBurning it in my home, it has the kind of scent that just gently fills the house without overwhelming it. You catch gentle traces of it as it burns, but it’s not so powerful that intrudes, it’s more like a light, background hum of scent, relaxing you but not disturbing you and easing you smoothly towards summer.

Petits Rituels candles have 40 hours burn time and cost £35. Find them to order online HERE There is also a travel candle with 15 hours burn time for £16 so you can take the scent with you when you’re away.

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