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Payot Paris Uni Skin Illumination Complexion Perfecting Skincare

11 Jan 2017 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Marilyn Monroe famously sang that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Well, sorry Marilyn, but pearls are rapidly becoming this girl’s best friend. The pearls I’m falling in love with form part of the new Uni Skin illuminating range by Payot Paris.


The Payot Paris Uni Skin range of Illumination Complexion Perfecting Skincare comprises four products with unique sensorial textures. They aim to correct skin imperfections such as uneven skin texture, dark spots, dullness marks and redness. Luminosity helps to revert skin back to a more youthful appearance and radiance.

There are 2 levels to Uni Skin’s delivery and they are:

  • Intra-cellular action – a powerful active ingredient Epigenomly protects the cells DNA and stimulates the synthesis of the major skin cells.
  • Cellular action – Asian plants and Kiwi encourage epidermal regeneration. This creates a smoother texture and erases pigmentation defects. Cress helps protect against pollution and free radicals.
Payot Paris Uni Skin
Payot Paris Uni Skin Illuminating Perfecting Serum

The first product I use is the Payot Paris Uni Skin Concentre Perles Illuminating Perfecting Serum. Within the Hyaluronic Acid infused gel there are illuminating pearls that burst when the product is dispersed. This results in plump and hydrated skin with a subtle illumination.

This beautiful serum is the nicest serum I’ve tried so far in all my time writing here for ReallyRee. If I could slather my whole body is this I would. I’ve noticed in just a few short days that my Rosacea appears calmer. As I have a special event coming up that’s very reassuring. My skin feels so hydrated that I could skip moisturiser if I was being lazy.

Payot Paris Uni Skin Jour
Payot Paris Uni Skin Jour Perfecting Cream

I don’t skip moisturiser though as I’m a good skincare girl. The Uni Skin Jour Unifying Perfecting Cream is a lovely mousse like day cream. A reinforced anti-UVA SPF15 filter helps smooth and protect.all of the products come in a beautiful pearlised white casing with silver lid. Initially when you take a small amount from the container it can seem as if it won’t blend out onto the skin. It will, you just have to keep massaging the product and it almost breaks down and disperses. My skin is left feeling soft and hydrated but I can almost immediately follow with primer if I wish to wear make up.

Payot Paris Uni Skin
Payot Paris Uni Skin Perfecting Balm

The Uni Skin Yeux et Levres Unifying Perfecting Balm revives radiance in around the eye and lip area whilst also smoothing and filling fine lines. One of the most ageing signs on the face are fine lines in the eye and lip area. Any product that can hold back these signs for as long as possible is worth a try in my book. Although a balm this product is rapidly absorbed into skin and only a very small amount is needed.

Uni Skin CC Cream
Uni Skin CC Cream

The last product is the one I’ll be honest I wasn’t too enthusiastic to try as being quite porcelain any “universal” toned product is something I’d normally avoid. This is the Uni Skin CC cream Unifying Tinted Perfecting Cream. In the interest of beauty and this review I obviously gave this a (slightly hesitant) chance. When you squeeze the product out it’s actually a grey and white speckled mix. It felt lovely and not too heavy in texture so I nervously applied the CC cream to my skin. To my complete surprise it did actually blend into my skin! No mismatched tide mark on my neck, just a lovely, even but very natural looking tone to my skin perfect for no make up days.

Payot Skincare Uni Skin CC Cream
Uni Skin CC Cream Texture

Having been introduced to the Uni skin range I look forward to more long term effects on my skin as in just a few short days I can already see a slight improvement in my Rosacea. Plus who doesn’t want skincare that makes them glow! Find the full Payot Paris Uni Skin Illuminating range here

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