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Paul Mitchell The Cream Styling Conditioner Review

7 Aug 2017 (Updated: 17 Jan 2019)

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Paul Mitchell is a haircare brand I first discovered as a teenager when I started to pay more attention to what I was using on my hair. I’ve continued to have their products in my bathroom ever since. I was interested to try Paul Mitchell The Cream from the softstyle range as it seems to have a multitude of uses.

Paul Mitchell The Cream
Paul Mitchell The Cream

The Cream is a leave in styling conditioner. It promises to “moisturise, strengthen, protect hair from everyday damage and provides a light hold”. The Cream is Paraben and Gluten free, it’s vegan, colour safe and offers UV protection.

Applied to clean damp hair, it is not rinsed out to allow it to work. I found the texture to be thinner than I expected, it is still creamy, but more of a single cream consistency i.e. slightly runny. It has quite a neutral fragrance to it which I much prefer over some of the synthetic scents often used in products. It also absorbs well.

Paul Mitchell The Cream
Paul Mitchell The Cream – Instructions

I like to air dry my hair as often as I can, leaving it to dry overnight. This is better for hair than constant blow drying. However my fine hair can look tangled in the morning and less sleek than I would like it to so I had high hopes for this product helping with that. It makes no mention of how you should dry your hair afterwards so I went for my usual air drying.

My hair, as I’ve mentioned before, is fine and long. I don’t like to use a lot of product so I applied a 10p sized amount and worked through the lengths of my hair. I then left it to dry naturally. When I woke up the next morning my hair was lovely and soft, and looked sleeker than it normally does when dried naturally. I also found this worked well as a detangling treatment too.

Paul Mitchell The Cream
Paul Mitchell The Cream – Nozzle

I have tried using this several times, and I can notice a difference when I don’t use it. As I use such a small amount a tube will last a long time. I also think this could be a good product for travelling. You could use it in place of a normal conditioner, skipping a step and an extra product. My niece has beautiful curly hair but hates having it brushed as it gets tangled easily. I think this would help to detangle it and enhance her natural curl so I’ll be trying it on her next.

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