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Parissa Strip Free Hot Wax Review

27 Jun 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Hair removal is never a glam topic but let’s face it, it’s a necessary one. I hate talking about stuff like this really, but being a makeup addict, my biggest concern when it comes to unwanted hair is the stuff that happens on the upper lip! It’s a massive pain because it looks so awful in lipstick photos, and so I am always on the hunt for something that’s quick, easy and totally effective. I found it. Here’s the low-down on the Parissa Strip Free Hot Wax.

parissa strip free hot wax
Parissa Strip Free Hot Wax Review

Parissa Strip Free Hot Wax Features

  • Salon style all natural hair remover
  • Formulated for short, coarse hair on face, brow and bikini
  • No-strip hair remover that gently lifts away short, coarse hair
  • Promises ultra smooth skin for up to 8 weeks
  • Includes a vial of Azulene Oil to soothe & soften skin and prevent ingrown hair
  • 3 spatulas to apply the wax
parissa strip free hot wax
Parissa Strip Free Hot Wax Review

So this is kind of fun I have to say. The wax comes in its own mini saucepan that you gently heat on the stove. The direction say to heat it until it is half melted and then mix it, but I ended up fully melting on the stove as it happened much faster than I thought it would. If you let this happen, be sure to let it cool down and thicken up to a honey texture. As this point it is the right temperature and consistency for perfect hair removal. Take caution with the handle as you pick it up, as this can get hot.

parissa strip free hot wax
Parissa Strip Free Hot Wax Review

You simply use a spatula to smooth it on – if you’re doing the upper lip, you should do it in 2 parts, although I broke the rules again and did it all in one! You just spread it on and smooth it out and it starts to cool instantly. I found it was ready to come off in about a minute and I picked at the edges and then briskly peeled it off. With it came all that annoying fluff – all of it!

parissa strip free hot wax
Parissa Strip Free Hot Wax Review

I found it completely pain free – my lip was a little red for about 10 minutes then everything was normal, and more importantly, super smooth. I just waited for the little saucepan of wax to completely set and cool and then I packed it up in its box ready for next time. Job done.

I completely love the Parissa Strip Free Hot Wax as a solution for upper lip hair. You can also use it for brows and bikini line. Quite frankly I wouldn’t go near my brows with wax unless it was someone at Benefit doing it for me.

You can buy the kit online HERE for £9.79 which is excellent value. I’d imagine I will get at least 20 upper lips out of that! I thoroughly recommend this but must urge you to take caution that you don’t use the wax too hot – a little test on the back of your hand is a good guide.



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