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Parfum De Marly Delina Fragrance

13 Mar 2017 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Perfumes come in so many scents, shapes, sizes and price points – but does pricey always mean that it will be better?  I am a huge fan of Jo Malone and Tom Ford, with their price tags ranging around the £80 – £100 mark, so would a fragrance costing £175 for 75ml compare with my firm favourites?

Parfum De Marly Delina
Parfum De Marly Delina Box

Perfume House Parfum De Marly have recently released their new women’s fragrance, Delina, which has been created by perfumer Quentin Bisch, the man behind scents such as Thierry Mugler’s Angel Muse and Missoni’s EDT release from last year.  Now the thought of a perfume that costs £175 initially got me very excited – I was imagining the best scent that has ever gone near my nostrils whilst also wondering why it warranted such a high price tag.

Parfum De Marly Delina
Parfum De Marly Delina Bottle

First of all, if you like pink, then you will love the packaging. The box is very pretty with its pale pink broken up with their silver logo and writing. It is unashamedly girly, and the bottle also echoes this with the same pale pink.  So yes, it’s pretty but it’s not the prettiest perfume bottle I have ever seen, so I am still questioning the price.  Perhaps the scent itself will reveal the answers – at this stage the jury is still out.

Parfum De Marly Delina
Parfum De Marly Delina Details

The perfume itself is described as a floral bouquet that is a tribute to luminous and sensual femininity.  I am more of a spicy sort of girl, but every now and again I do like a good floral, so I was starting to get excited by this.  When you first spray this it is strong – very strong, but it does settle down. I found the longer I left it to settle, the nicer it smelt, however, there is a lot going on here.

Parfum De Marly Delina Notes:


  • Lychee
  • Rhubarb
  • Bergamot
  • Nutmeg


  • Turkish Rose
  • Lily of the Valley
  • Peony


  • Vanilla
  • White Musks
  • Cashmere
  • Woods
  • Frankincense

You can definitely smell the sweetness of the vanilla and the lychee and rhubarb certainly add a fruity element, but then it all starts to get a little bit jumbled.  There are a lot of very contrasting notes here, making it difficult to pick one out above another.  I am not a fan of rose scents, but I couldn’t really distinguish a definite rose, despite the Turkish Rose being described as dominating the accord.  The only way that I can describe it is as being sweet, fruity and woody all at the same time.

Parfum De Marly Delina
Parfum De Marly Delina

When I first smelt it, I didn’t think that it worked, but as the scent settled down it did start to smell quite pretty.  For me, it’s a little too sweet, but if you like sweet, fruity florals, then this may well work for you.  The fragrance matches the bottle – it’s very pink, feminine and sweet, so for those of you who love perfumes like that, then get saving ladies!  Would I say that it is worth £175?  No, I wouldn’t – I personally think that it needs simplifying a little bit as sometimes less is more, but that’s personal preference.  If you’re into luxury items and don’t mind the high price tag, then this will look very pretty sitting on your dressing table.

You can find Parfum De Marly Delina to order online here

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