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Pantene Pro V In Shower Foam Conditioner Review

14 Sep 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Having fine hair can be downright annoying, especially when it comes to hair products.  Ordinary conditioners just feel so heavy and weigh the hair down, so let’s all just take a second to praise Pantene.  Yep, the company that has been around for 70 years and prides itself on its roots in hair science, have created the lightest conditioner that I have ever tried. I’ve been trialling the Pantene Pro V In Shower Foam Conditioner the last couple of weeks – here’s what I thought. 

Pantene Pro V In Shower Foam Conditioner
Pantene Pro V In Shower Foam Conditioner

The Pro-V Air-Light In Shower Foam Conditioner has a texture that is super light, and it absorbs deep down into the hair so you aren’t left with excess residue that can leave your hair feeling weighed down.

My hair needs conditioner as it likes to tie itself up in little knots, so I was curious to see if the conditioner could still perform as well as others … and it can.  It leaves the hair easy to comb and knots are dealt with in an instant.  It also nourishes the hair and protects it from damage, leaving you with hair that’s easy to manage and style.

Pantene Pro V In Shower Foam Conditioner
Pantene Pro V In Shower Foam Conditioner – The Foam!

So how does it work?  The conditioner contains conditioning ingredients that are injected with other bubble-forming ingredients.  As soon as the foam is exposed to air, these bubbles expand, suspending the conditioning ingredients enabling them to be absorbed quickly.  There’s some serious thought and development gone into this texture.  The bubbles have been designed to burst at just the right moment.  If they burst too soon, then there’s uneven coverage, and if they burst too late, the hair would be undernourished.  Who knew so much went into a conditioner?  

It is so easy to use, you just apply a palm sized amount to your damp hair after shampooing.   You leave it to absorb into the hair for a few seconds and then just rinse.  

My hair is usually so flat and lacks any volume, but after using this, there was noticeable volume and bounce to my hair.  I love how soft and silky my hair now feels, and it doesn’t look or feel as damaged as it did before.

Pantene Pro V In Shower Foam Conditioner
Pantene Pro V In Shower Foam Conditioner Results

Pantene Pro-V In Shower Foam Conditioner is purse-friendly too at just £3.99. However, there are some offers currently on where it is £1.98, so grab it quickly while it’s cheaper.  

There are 4 different versions of the conditioner, depending on what your hair needs:

* Repair & Protect (this is the one I have tested)

* Extra Volume

* Colour Protect

* Smooth & Sleek

So if your hair is fine, then this may just be for you.

You can currently find Pantene Pro V In Shower Foam Conditioner exclusively here. It goes nationwide from early next year.

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