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Palette London Create Your Own Nail Paint Collection

15 Apr 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Palette london create your own nail paint collectionAs I child I always loved those create your own kits, from perfumes and bath bombs to bracelets – you name them I had them all! Now, happily, Palette London have launched a Create Your Own Nail Paint Collection which is an adults version of those kits I loved as a child. I love the idea of being able to make custom nail polish shades, makes painting my nails a little more fun!

Palette london create your own nail paint collection

The Create Your Own Collection is available in two different packages with different price points. There is a £25 kit which includes two empty bottles to create your own shades and the other is £50 which includes five empty bottles for your creations, I have the second one. Included in the kit along with the empty bottles are five 14ml bottles of base colours (primary colours as well as a black and white) and five pipettes. On the back of the box is a break down of how to create your shades and inside the box is a guide on the types of shades you can make – the shades you can make are endless!


I think that this kit would make a fabulous gift for any nail polish fan and what I really like is that Palette London sell everything individually so you can repurchase anything you need once you have run out! Creating my custom shades was very enjoyable but a little bit messy. If you’re going to create your own shades make sure you lay a towel down first as I accidentally got nail polish all over my floor, thankfully nothing that a little nail polish remover couldn’t fix! It’s extremely easy to create your own shades. All you have to do is use the pipette to move the polish to the empty bottle, I would use a different pipette for each shade to make things easier. Then shake the bottle to make sure that the shade blends together nicely.

Palette london create your own nail paint collection

I decided on making a light blue shade as my first shade as it was very simple to get started with! I used the pipettes to add blue and white to the empty bottle until I was happy with the shade. I absolutely love the shade that I made and think it is going to be perfect for the Spring/Summer. The formula of the polish was very smooth, easy to apply and only needed two coats to achieve the colour in the bottle. I can’t wait to make more shades, I will definitely get a bit more creative with it now and use more colours.

Want to try the Palette London Create Your Own Nail Paint Collection for yourself? Find it to order online HERE

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