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P20 Sun Protection Review

5 Jun 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Now that the sun is making regular appearances it is more important than ever to make sure your skin is protected from sun damage. When I am in the sun I often forget to reapply my sun protection when I know I should, especially when I am out in the sun all day – which is where P20 Sun Protection comes in.

P20 Sun protection Review
P20 Sun Protection Review

The P20 SPF 30 Spray is a once a day sun protection (but it is still recommended that you reapply regularly like any sun cream) which has 10 hours of sun protection while being very water resistant and aiming to be quick drying. This 100ml bottle says it has two full body applications (on an adult) and a 200ml bottle has 5-6 applications. I prefer to use SPF sprays as I find them to be lightweight on the skin and they don’t leave behind that greasy feeling you can sometimes get.  Fortunately,  you can’t feel this SPF on the skin once you have applied it, which I am happy about.

One great thing I really like about this SPF,  is that it doesn’t leave behind a white cast on the skin. This makes it perfect if you know you will be out and about all day and might be taking pictures. Whilst some creams can create a flashback effect giving you a ghostly looking face in photos, the formulation of P20 means it doesn’t do this.

When you use this SPF spray I would recommend that you apply more than you think you need to make sure that you are well protected and haven’t missed any parts of the skin to prevent burning. You should apply this 15 minutes before sun exposure and pay particular attention to the most vulnerable areas such as ears, chest, feet and nose. Also, let it dry before you get dressed to avoid staining clothes.

P20 Sun protection Review
P20 Sun protection Review

This SPF spray is great if you know you are going to be busy out and about and won’t have the time to reapply as much as normal, just make sure that you don’t miss a single spot! I have found this spray to be weightless on the skin and it doesn’t leave a sticky or greasy feeling behind. P20 will keep you covered for up to ten hours and is sweat and water resistant so you don’t have to worry about rushing to reapply if you are swimming or enjoying the sunshine. P20 is very effective at keeping my skin protected from the sun but I can’t stress enough that you must apply more than you think you need as if you miss a spot you could end up with a serious burn.

You can find P20 Sun Protection to order online here

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