Ouai Air Dry Foam Review - Used on Straight Hair
By Ree

Ouai Air Dry Foam Review – Used on Straight Hair

4 Jul 2018 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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I get very excited when Jen Atkin launches new hair products because everything she does is just cool! One of the latest launches is Ouai Air Dry Foam and although it is formulated for those with naturally wavy hair, I wanted to give it a go. Here’s how I got on.

Ouai Air Dry Foam
Ouai Air Dry Foam

So this new product is all about revolutionising the air dry. I rarely leave my hair to dry on its own as I am a firm believer that gentle blow drying is better for my hair (details here) so it was interesting to see how this feels. As I said, this has been designed to work on hair with a natural wave – mine is more poker straight with the odd kink, so again, interesting to see!!

Ouai Air Dry Foam Features

Ouai Air Dry Foam
Ouai Air Dry Foam
  • Wash and wear formula
  • Enhances and encourages natural wave patterns
  • Softens strands
  • Fights frizz
  • Adds definition
  • Infused with Kale Extract for humidity resistance & curl retention
  • Smart Keratin repairs damaged areas of the hair

So this is really easy to use. You simply wash and towel-dry your hair (my tips is always to squeeze with the towel rather than rub) and then apply the foam and scrunch it in. The foam has the lightest texture and just melts into the hair effortlessly.

Ouai Air Dry Foam

Because my hair takes ages to dry, I just helped it along with the hair dryer on the lowest setting.

I was pretty pleased with the result. It didn’t give me any waves and obviously Ouai Air Dry Foam isn’t designed for my hair type, but it gave it lovely touchable texture that felt soft and nourished, not at all crispy. Also, when I tonged it the next day, it held really well and looked lovely and beachy. So it’s a good styling prep for me and I like the fact that it has repair ingredients in there too.

Ouai Air Dry Foam is £24 and available HERE now.

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