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Orly Gel FX and Gel FX Shade Shifter

1 May 2013 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Well you know how I love things that are a bit whizzy? Well this is A LOT whizzy. This is magic! Yesterday I popped along to the Orly nail collections event for 2013 and had my first ever set of gel nails courtesy of Orly Gel FX in Rage and the lovely Jessica, nail technician  Then the Orly Gel FX Shade Shifter was thrown into the mix and that’s where the true magic starts!
So here’s the Orly Gel FX in Rage:
Orly Gel FX in Rage 
Pretty isn’t it? But what you can’t see on the ring finger is the super amazing Orly Gel FX Shade Shifted that is dotted all over the nail. That’s because my hands were hot when this pic was taken!
Now see this pic when my hands are slightly cooler:

Look what is starting to appear!!

Orly Gel FX Shade Shifter
And here are the dots in full force when my hands were even cooler!
Orly Gel FX Shade Shifter
I had quite a lot of fun heating it up and then cooling it down in a glass of water. It could amuse me for hours!!
It’s all thanks to this little beauty which is dark when it’s cold and clear when it’s hot. Love it!
Orly Gel FX Shade Shifter
Sadly the Orly Gel FX and the Gel FX Shade Shifter is salon only, and with the amazing durability of gel nails, I can actually see myself getting addicted. Yikes!
There are also some fabulous new collections from Orly for 2013 that you can use at home. I shall tell you about those soon.
FYI: Orly Polishield is my favourite topcoat ever!

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