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Orly Breathable Nail Polish

18 Apr 2017 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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I love painting my nails so was excited to see that Orly have launched a new line of polishes. They not only give the nails a high shine colour but they are also good for your nails too. Take a look at the new Orly Breathable nail polishes.

Orly Breathable Nail Polish
Orly Breathable Nail Polish

There are 18 shades in the Orly Breathable nail polish range with a good selection of colours from bold and deep berries to nudes and light shades perfect for Spring.

I have been using two shades, The Antidote which is a deep berry, and Rehab which is a light milky pink with a hint of peach.

I do like that I have these two shades from the range as I either go super light with my nails or wear very deep shades. Rehab is my perfect spring shade as I have been loving nude shades and almost white nail polishes and this one has the best formulation out of my polishes at the moment.

Orly Breathable Nail Polish - The Antidote Swatch
Orly Breathable Nail Polish – The Antidote Swatch

These nail polishes have been enriched with nourishing and hydrating ingredients of Vitamin C and Argan oil. As well as having advanced oxygen technology which allows air and hydration to penetrate the nail to moisturise. As someone with damaged nails, I love that these polishes will help promote hydration while helping heal damaged nails by keeping them moisturised. This range will also help promote nail growth and increase the thickness of the nail. Like all of the other polishes from Orly these polishes are vegan-friendly.

Orly Breathable Nail Polish - Rehab Swatch
Orly Breathable Nail Polish – Rehab Swatch

I have been really impressed with these nail polishes as they have great pigmentation and only need two coats to achieve the colour in the bottle with no streaks. They have also made my nails feel so much stronger; my nails before I started using these were quite weak and flakey. One of my favourite things about these polishes is that they have an all-in-one formula so there is no need for a base or top coat. They are also long-lasting. These do last well on my nails, I can get around five days wear, which for my nails is very impressive. Find Orly Breathable Nail Polishes to order online here

Hannah Heartss xx

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