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Origins Ginzing Peel Off Mask Review

16 Jul 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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I am pretty obsessed with face masks and it looks like the whole of the beauty industry is too! If 2016 is anything in skincare, it is the year of the mask and there have been a plethora of new launches from high street to high end. I have just been trying out the pretty cool copper coloured new one from Origins and I love it! Here’s the low down on the Origins Ginzing Peel Off Mask.

origins ginzing peel off mask
Origins Ginzing Peel Off Mask Review

I find peel off masks so satisfying so I couldn’t wait to try this!

Origins Ginzing Peel Off Mask Features

origins ginzing peel off mask

  • Suitable for normal, oily and combination skin types
  • Refreshing peel-off mask
  • Unique pearlized finish
  • Instantly lifts away dull, tired skin
  • Targets dullness and uneven texture
  • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of pores
  • Promotes clear, radiant looking skin
  • Fortified with coffee beans, panax ginseng, and a gentle fruit acid complex
origins ginzing peel off mask
Origins Ginzing Peel Off Mask Review

The metallic look of this mask is pretty special. I have never used anything quite like it. You simply spread it evenly over the skin, avoiding the eye area, brows and hairline, then let it set. I left mine on for about 10 minutes, then screwed my face up a little to start to loosen it. Of course the best part is the peeling off!

origins ginzing peel off mask

It comes off nicely and then you just need to rinse the face with warm water  and you’re done. I followed it with the new Origins Energy Boosting Treatment Lotion Mist (gorgeous!) and my skin was fresh, clean and glowy. It also felt so soft! Wonderful.

The Origins Ginzing Peel Off Mask is out now. You can order it online HERE for £24. If you are looking for a quick fix skin boost, try it! Find it HERE in the US.




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