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Orba Originals Goat’s Milk Cleanser

5 Feb 2012 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Because my skin has become quite sensitive and dry as the temperature has dropped, I have been trying out a few different gentle cleansers to ease any dryness and discomfort.
This week I have been playing with Orba Originals Goat’s Milk Cleanser.
Orba Originals Goat’s Milk Cleanser

It smells lovely. Not in a fragranced way but really natural and clean. You pump a small amount out into your hand and then massage it into the skin. I have then been using a clean cloth or flannel under the hot tap, I ring it out and then lay it over my face. I then rinse the cloth and wipe away the cleanser.

It leaves my skin soft, clean and bright.

Goat’s Milk is naturally anti-imflammatory so while it is suitable for all skin types, the unique formula also works to soothe and moisturise damaged skin even with Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Dermatitis and Acne.

The Goat’s Milk is combined with Cocoa butter and the finest essential oils to give your skin a super treat.

I’d definitely recommend giving this a go if you have any skin conditions.

More info at www.orbaoriginals.com. This cleanser costs £10.99. I like the packaging too.

How is your skin doing this Winter?

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