The Oozoo Face In Shot Mask - Hydrolift Review & How To
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The Oozoo Face In Shot Mask – Hydrolift Review

4 Jul 2017

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There is nothing like Korean beauty to inject a bit of fun and effectiveness into your skincare routine and with this cool mask an actual injection is required! The Oozo, known as pioneers to the new age of sheet masks, make htese amazing futuristic masks that I am now slightly obsessed with! Check out The Oozoo Face In Shot Mask Hydrolift Sheet Mask that has just launched in the UK.

The Oozoo Face In Shot Mask - Hydrolift
The Oozoo Face In Shot Mask – Hydrolift

So before I start, I should say that these masks are a lot more affordable than I guessed they would be at first sight. There’s a whole range of masks offering a variety of benefits and each one is priced at £8. With such sophisticated packaging, I was surprised. You can find them HERE in the UK now.

The Oozoo Face In Shot Mask - Hydrolift
The Oozoo Face In Shot Mask – Hydrolift

The syringe-style packaging of this mask is all about keeping the ingredients super fresh. Not only do you inject the solution into the sheet mask at the time of use, but you also freshly mix two different fluids within the syringe. This is fresh fresh!

The Oozoo Face In Shot Mask – Hydrolift Features

The premise behind the entire range is Fresh ingredients = better absorption into the skin.

  • Enriched with a combination of natural, skin-fortifying ingredients
  • Includes Ectoin, Resurrection Plant and Keratinase S
  • Instantly helps to improve the overall appearance of the complexion
  • Boosts hydration
  • Imparts radiance
  • Improves skin tone
The Oozoo Face In Shot Mask - Hydrolift
The Oozoo Face In Shot Mask – Hydrolift

I absolutely love a sheet mask, and one where I get to play at being a chemist is even more appealing!

The Oozoo Face In Shot Mask – How to

Although this looks like it’s pretty complicated, it is pretty simple to use.

  • Press the top part of the syringe and shake well to mix the ingredients
  • Inject the activated concotion into the mask and re-seal the the cap
  • Squish the packet to ensure the mask if infused with the solution
  • Apply mask for 15 to 20 minutes
  • Massage in the remaining essence and continue with regime

The Oozoo Face In Shot Mask - Hydrolift

It’s a super comfortable and soothing mask and the microfibre sheet itself clung well to the contours of my face. I was able to go about my business without any fear of it falling off. It left my skin feeling hydrated. Nothing crazy but definitely better than before the mask and I definitely enjoyed the process.

It is clearly a little gimmicky because I think there’s essence already in the mask and I am not sure how justified the extra packaging of the separate compartments and the syringe is. I loved using it all the same and I’d use it again.

You can find the Oozoo Face In Shot Mask range HERE in the UK now for £8. I don’t think the price is bad but I am sure you could find similar things in Korea itself for a lot less. I have heard people refer to these kinds of products as ‘skincaretainment’ and on that basis I think they’d make fun and affordable gifts for skincare junkies. You can find a wide range of Korean Beauty in the UK here.

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