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Olfactive Studio Close Up- Fragrance For Your Nose And Your Eyes

19 May 2017 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Olfactive Studio fragrances are unusual as they are a brand who combine photography and perfumery. Drawing on the relationship between the eyes and the nose, perfumers take inspiration from photographers when it comes to creating new and interesting scents. So I was intrigued to try Close Up from Olfactive Studio.

As an optician I was immediately attracted to the packaging. Most people are unaware that the iris is actually multi layered and differs dramatically between eye colours. Dark eyes like mine look like a well known rippled chocolate bar, whereas lighter eyes have more of a fibre look. I often get momentarily distracted during appointments if a patient has an unusual Iris.

The packaging features a matt black box with Olfactive Studio subtly printed in black gloss and with a close up of a blue eye with Naevus (freckles). It’s striking as almost looks like a planet until you look closer. The inside when opened has a postcard featuring the Iris and details on the reverse of the photographer. The perfume is safely housed in a dense black foam.

They have a total of ten perfumes in their range and with names such as: Selfie, Autofocus, Dark Room, Still Life, and the one I was sent, Close Up. The photographic influence is clearly felt.

Olfactive Studio Close Up Notes

Head Notes:

  • Green Coffee Santos
  • Fresh Spices
  • Cherry

Notes of Heart:

  • Blond Tobacco
  • Patchouli
  • Cedar Atlas
  • Rose Centifolia

Background Notes:

  • Amber
  • Musk Animated
  • Tonka Bean

    Olfactive Studio Close Up
    Olfactive Studio Close Up

I’ve worn this perfume to work everyday since receiving it. It has a more masculine/unisex scent than I usually choose but I’ve actually had many, many compliments since wearing it. The fragrance is noticeable but not overpowering. It certainly smells like a high end perfume and it’s actually very easy to discern the different notes. I’ve just sprayed Close Up as I write this to reinvigorate my memory of it and I can pick out the tobacco (if you’ve ever smelt loose tobacco it’s actually a very nice scent and this is taking me back to my childhood and my beloved Grandfather who used to use a pipe) and patchouli but I can also smell the amber and spices.

Olfactive Studio Close Up
Olfactive Studio Close Up

I would recommend this for anyone who is looking for a clean and grown up scent, especially if you like a musky base to fragrance. The wear time for this is also very long due to being a perfume and often lasted all day.

You can find Olfactive Studio Close Up here


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