Olay Whips Review, Demo & Side by Side Comparison Video
By Ree

Olay Whips Review, Demo & Side by Side Comparison Video

8 Nov 2018 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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I have been working with Olay on their brand new skincare innovation and I created a video that I wanted to share here. It’s a really interesting product. Olay Whips is a great option if you find regular moisturiser heavy under makeup or need to use a primer to make your makeup stay in place.

In the video I show foundation application over Olay Whips on one side of my face and regular moisturiser on the other side of my face, to demonstrate how the Whips product enhances the look of foundation.

Olay Whips Demo & Side by Side Comparison Video (ad)

Here’s part of the transcript of the video, to give you a taste of what to expect:

“In this video I’m just going to talk to you about the brand new innovation, Olay Whips.  I’ve got the the Regenerist one. It has all the powerful anti-aging ingredients and moisturising benefits of original Olay Regenerist moisturising cream. The whipped version is light as air. It feels like liquid on your skin then dries to almost indetectable finish, but still delivers potent powerful anti-aging ingredients.

So if you’ve ever found that some moisturisers are just too heavy to to sit under make up and you need to use a primer, this will be amazing. It acts like a primer for your skin yet moisturises and delivering all the anti-aging benefits of the original formula.

I’m going to show you how it works, what it looks like, the difference on your skin and how it actually enhances the performance of makeup.”

The new formula uses active rush technology. This is a starch polymer which is more effective than hyaluronic acid. It holds a thousand times its weight in water and also manages to deliver all the active ingredients. Watch the 3 minute video here (it was created in partnership with Olay).

Find the Olay Whips range HERE now.

Stay tuned to the homepage and Instagram for news on all the latest products and releases.



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