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Nugg Face Masks – The Perfect Holiday Pick Me Up

16 Aug 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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I am a big fan of NUGG face masks. As they are so small and come in individual sizes they are perfect to pop in your carry on bag, or your suitcase, when you go on holiday!

Nugg Face masks
Nugg Face Masks

When on a plane your skin tends to get dehydrated. These two face masks from NUGG are ideal to use either on the plane itself, or afterwards, to keep your skin looking better than ever for your holiday.

Nugg Face Masks – Hydrating Mask

Before your flight, or even during your flight if you are flying long haul, you can use the NUGG Hydrating Mask to lock in extra moisture to ensure that your skin doesn’t become uncomfortably dry. It’s perfect for helping to counteract the effects of altitude and air conditioning.

This is one of my favourite masks to use when my skin is dry. It is also great to use after a day in the sun when your skin is feeling uncomfortable. It instantly soothes the skin and helps the skin lock in water to release it throughout the day when it is needed.

Nugg face mask hydrating
Nugg Face Masks –  Hydrating

What is great about this mask is that it only needs to be on the skin for around 5-10 minutes to get to work. Of course, leaving it on longer won’t hurt, especially while on the flight. To remove the mask clean with a damp tissue to remove the excess, then follow up with your usual moisturiser for even more hydration. This mask always leaves my skin feeling super soft and plump!

Nugg Face Masks – Revitalising

The Revitalising Mask from NUGG is another one of my favourites and is perfect for when your skin needs a pick me up.  This would be great for using after a flight or when you arrive slightly jet lagged and tired.

The revitalising mask has a lovely cooling sensation from the Peppermint Oil and Menthol and helps to increase blood flow and awaken your skin. It always leaves my skin looking refreshed and feeling energised.

Nugg Face Masks- Revitalising
Nugg Face Masks – Revitalising

Again, this mask only needs to be on the skin for around five minutes to give your skin a pick me up.  I like to use this mask in the morning to keep my skin looking refreshed if I am planning on going makeup or foundation free. This is perfect on holiday as nobody wants a full face of makeup by the beach!

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