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No Mo-Stache Portable Hair Removal Kit Review

21 Apr 2014 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Now while it’s not my favourite topic (by a long way) I do like to touch on a bit of facial hair removal every now and then because it’s just one of those things you have to face up to. Of course denial is an option, but not really when you share you life with the internet and receive ‘helpful’ anonymous comments about your upper lip hair! I like to try out a few different solutions and my latest foray has been with the rather light-hearted, yet effective product, No Mo-Stache Portable Hair Removal Kit.
No Mo-Stache Portable Hair Removal Kit Review
I was actually first interested in the product because of their spoof-style promo YouTube video that depicts various girls in different situations being rescued from humiliation and rejection by waxing their upper lips out in public. The video is ridiculous and I wouldn’t dream of waxing my upper lip in my car, the cafe or whilst waiting for a job interview, but the product itself is really good. 
No Mo-Stache Portable Hair Removal Kit Review
There’s nothing new here particularly. They are pairs of ready to use wax strips but they really are the perfect size for the upper lip and there’s no fussy packaging just a tiny tin that is indeed very portable. All you do is warm up one set of strips between your hands, pull them apart and place them either side of your upper lip.You press on and then briskly pull off in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Very easy indeed. Also, there’s minimal redness and it’s quick and relatively pain-free – just a little sting. It leaves minimal residue behind and I follow with a quick cleanse and moisturise, and I am all set!
What I really like is that it’s sticky enough to grab the hairs you want to get rid of, without completely balding your upper lip, so it still looks like normal facial skin with light downy hair. I love this kit and you should probably check out their video just for laughs.
No Mo-Stache Portable Hair Removal Kit cost 16USD and they do ship to the UK. My sample didn’t carry any customs charges. They are easily contactable via a form on the website for shipping queries.
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