NIOD Voicemail Masque Review - Stem Cell Suspension
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NIOD Voicemail Masque Review

5 Nov 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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I get very excited when NIOD launch new skincare and being a mask fan, this one is extra exciting! Here’s the lowdown on the brand new NIOD Voicemail Masque. Of course the name hooked me straight away!

NIOD Voicemail Masque Review
NIOD Voicemail Masque Review

So the strapline for this product is ‘a suspension of plant stem cells in adaptive timed-release silicones’. I literally couldn’t wait to get it on my face!

NIOD Voicemail Masque Review
NIOD Voicemail Masque Review

The background to this product is all about the fact that living cells communicate with one another. NIOD tells us that ‘this cellular communication is an essential aspect of life and health.’ Apparently the efficiency of our cellular communication decreases as we age and under stressful conditions and this results in the appearance of skin ageing, a loss of radiance and less even skin tone. NIOD Voicemail Masque focuses on treating this communication rather than specific skin cells – so it gets the skin working for itself more efficiently. I love the idea of this.

NIOD Voicemail Masque Features

  • Night time leave-on masque treatment
  • Fights the signs associated with impaired cellular communication
  • Uses a suspension of plant stem cells from mountain flowers and narrowleaf plantain
  • Features highly-purified polyphenols rich in hydroxycinnamic acid from oregano leaves
  • The active ingredients are held in advanced adaptive silicones that lengthen dermal exposure timeframe
  • Formula is supported by range molecular weight hyaluronic acid
NIOD Voicemail Masque Review
NIOD Voicemail Masque Review

You simply apply NIOD Voicemail Masque at night, after a lightweight serum, massage it into the skin for 20-40 seconds and you are done. It isn’t recommended for very oily skin types and should not be applied on peeling or irritated skin.

I tested this out and really enjoyed using. I cleansed my skin then spritzed it with the new Hylamide Hydra Density mist. Next I used a super light serum from Sukin and let it sink in. The last step was the Voicemail mask. The following morning my skin looked more rested and fresh. Excited to use this more.

NIOD Voicemail Masque is £30 for 50ml. Order in online HERE.



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