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The Bouclème Towel- Made For Curls!

6 Sep 2016 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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If you have curly hair and you haven’t seen my recent blog post on the new haircare range from Bouclème, you have to check it out! Let me tell you that shopping for good products for curly hair is nearly impossible. It used to be slim pickings for us curly hair curls, but times are changing! Now, there are even specific products for curly hair like this new Bouclème towel.

Bouclème towel
Bouclème towel Packaging

Bouclème recognise that curly hair tends to be much more dry than other hair types. It’s therefore important to find products that are more moisturising and nourishing, whilst still making your curls look nice every day. To make things more complex, no two curls are the same, my permed hair needs a different to routine to those who are naturally curly.

One of Bouclème’s main aims is to provide products that ooze moisture back into our hair. Keeping your hair moisturised stops your curls from looking frizzy; if you give your hair hydration your curls can spring back to life. Enter the Bouclème Curl Towel, a product designed to revolutionise your hair routine. It’s well documented that common terry towels can be really bad for your hair. They are designed to soak up the moisture, thus making your hair dry more quickly. The issue with this is that it sucks all then moisture out of your hair, messing up your curls and making your hair frizzy.

Bouclème towel
Bouclème towel – Bamboo & Cotton

Instead of being made of the traditional towel material, Bouclème Curl Towel is made from smooth cotton/bamboo jersey. It’s completely unconventional and completely different to what we’re used to. The cotton/bamboo jersey, encourages curl formation whilst speeding up hair drying time. You simply lay the towel on a flat surface and then lower your curls into the towel. Wrap the towel around your head, twist the edges and tie the towel in a knot on your head (see this handy video for instructions You can leave the towel on your head for between 15 minutes and 2 hours. When you release your hair from the towel you will find soft and bouncy curls.

Bouclème towel
Bouclème Towel – Curls Redefined.

Another benefit of the Bouclème Towel is that it’s incredibly lightweight, which means it’s great to travel with and does not take up much extra space in the bathroom. It’s also great if like me, you suffer from neck injuries or neck ache. Normally I don’t have the option to wear a heavy towel on my head for more than a couple of minutes, however I can wear the Bouclème Curl Towel for hours without pain.

The Bouclème Curl Towel retails for £25 and you can order it here.

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