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Summer Fragrance Review – Part 2 New Summer Fragrance Releases

22 Jul 2017 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Following on from Part 1 of my summer fragrance edit which was my favourite classic summer fragrances here are some new summer fragrance releases for 2017.  I hope you see something you like.

New Summer Fragrance Releases

New Summer Fragrance Releases
New Summer Fragrance Releases

Miller Harris Perfumer London Le Cédre

A great addition to Miller Harris’ Perfumers Library, this concept appeals to me. I love the idea of a ‘fragrance library’ or wardrobe containing scents that cover all bases and not just seasons (even though we are focussed on summer for now) but also moods, thoughts, feelings. A scent complementing what you are wearing, a scent to reflect or create memories and so much more – you get the picture.  It is all incredibly subjective and personal and that is what is so cool and unique about fragrance.

I already love Rose Silence from Miller Harris, it is absolutely stunning and Le Cedre does not disappoint. In fact, layered together they are beautiful too – what a lovely addition to the offering Miller Harris have.

Top notes:                  Pink Pepper and Black Pepper
Middle notes:             Black Orchid and Mimosa
Base notes:                 Cedarwood and Musk

It is a unisex fragrance and whilst some would say there is a masculine bias I find it quite neutral. It certainly isn’t a rip-roaring feminine floral, its beauty is much more subtle but still very much present.  This fragrance is pure escapism with strong, clean pure peppery notes, fresh and immaculate with a slight spice then melding into cedar wood and becoming warm and gorgeous. Ohhh I love it. It is such an unconventional choice for the summer season and it is absolutely exquisite. It smells unique and expensive. You can find it here.

Institut Esthederm Un Soir En Été

One Evening In Summer” – designed to be worn after days on the beach this fragrance is all about sun-kissed skin.

If you recently saw my Institut Esthederm sun care review then you will know that one of the beautiful things about the brand and their suncare range is the scent – it is divine. I described it as the dreamiest summer fragrance and they must have heard me! Here is that delicious suncare scent in a souped up perfume.

Starting with a sparkling citrus, bergamot, Brazilian orange and clementine pulp with black plum and coconut, the floral heart contains vanilla, ylang-ylang, tuberose, grapefruit flower and Indian jasmine. The base notes are sandalwood, vanilla, amber, caramel, benzoin and pure white musk.

This is a heady tuberose fragrance, extremely powerful, thick and voluptuous. It is bold, sexy and smells exotic. A lovely perfume to spray on for an evening out whether home or abroad and such a great price point.

This 50ml eau de parfum retails for £43.00 here.

New Summer Fragrance Releases
New Summer Fragrance Releases

Juicy Couture Royal Rose

Juicy Couture have brought out some ‘serious’ compositions with a different aesthetic recently. Royal Rose is one of two of the first fragrances in this new ‘haute luxe perfumery’ style (the other being Majestic Woods). It is in the familiar cut glass decanter style bottle and whilst the styling is something that can divide people it certainly looks impressive and photographs beautifully. The outer box is pure black, hiding this pop of pink and gold inside; quite a contrast.

Royal Rose is an oriental floral fragrance. I love rose in perfumery and whilst I like all of its freshness, richness and femininity I do enjoy it when there is a twist and some depth.

This is centred around rose centifolia. You have top notes of rose, middle notes of heliotrope and base notes of musk and incense. It is rich and opulent.

It is a grower, try it, let it develop and wait for the compliments as they do come rolling in. I think this fragrance is lovely for a summer evening. Sweet, smoky Turkish delight, it is powerful and really packs a punch. Great sillage and amazing longevity. You only need to spray a small amount.

It is an eau de parfum and retails for £89.00 for 100mls here. An incredibly generous volume for the price.

Rodin Olio Lusso 3

I am in love. Linda Rodin has style, taste, class and understated elegance and this fragrance is so, so special. It is patchouli heaven and I cannot stop spraying it. The aesthetic is clean and sharp, the scent contains geranium, with notes of jasmine grandiflora, ylang-ylang, and orris at the heart. The base notes of santal and patchouli provide a musky dry down that lingers beautifully on the skin.

The scent is refreshing and uplifting with a stunning dry down and I have been carrying it in my handbag to spritz on liberally throughout the day as it is addictive stuff. I think it is my own olfactive memories of geranium and patchouli from my childhood that really resonate with me in this composition. Sheer class and simplicity.

I understand that Linda created the fragrance because it reminded her of a certain period in her life, namely the 1970s when she wore fresh and breezy perfumes. To me, it clearly shows how fragrance can transcend time and how you can make it personal and translate it into something that means so much to you.

Everyone needs a bottle of this in my opinion. It is a new ‘classic’ and timeless. Absolutely gorgeous for summer (and anytime), it is an eau de toilette formulation.  I am so obsessed with it that I haven’t left it long enough to see how long it lasts on the skin without spraying it again but it does linger, with the lasting notes of santal and patchouli. You can find it here. I am lusting after all of the Rodin Olio Lusso range now – send help!

 RITUALS… Oasis de Fleurs

RITUALS… is a lovely brand. Affordable luxury. The products are packaged beautifully and the themes are stunning. Sometimes it is nice to truly be in the moment and appreciate the little things and that is precisely what this brand is all about. I personally love the Ritual of Sakura and the new Ritual of Hammam.

Fragrance does not have to be ridiculously expensive to be good and this little beauty is a perfect example. There has been no scrimping on style here.

The bottle design is simply gorgeous – weighty opaque white glass, a white wooden painted bottle top (very Nasomatto-ish) and a gold plaque – so simple and classy and it certainly draws the eye in and looks a million times more expensive than the price it actually retails at.

Inside the fragrance is a mix of bergamot, mandarin orange and mint; rose, jasmine, orchid and magnolia; hibiscus seed, sandalwood and moss. It is flowery-fresh, green and full of life. This is a great option for summer floral lovers and a beautiful gift to give too as are all the products in the RITUALS… offering. Really, really impressed with this.

This fragrance is limited edition as far as I am aware but I hope they make it part of their main line range, you can find it here and it retails for £39.00 for a 50 ml – yes £39.00! – I know…..amazing.

New Summer Fragrance Releases
New Summer Fragrance Releases

Anything take your fancy from these new summer fragrance releases?

I will be back soon when I look at some trends and themes in fragrance for the third and final part of my summer fragrance edit.

Natalie x





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