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Neom Organics Wellbeing On The Go Collection

10 Jun 2017 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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If you’re like me then you’re always thinking about what to buy next. I’m always going out shopping, adding things to wish lists and planning my next purchases. While it’s great to add things to our homes and wardrobes, something that often gets overlooked is removing things we don’t need from our lives. Something that we could all use a little less of is stress.

Neom Organics Wellbeing On The Go
Neom Organics Wellbeing On The Go

British company Neom have built a fine reputation around winding down and caring for your mental wellbeing. Formed in 2005 by London-based mother of two Nicola Elliot, their mission is to deliver 100% natural fragrances for the mind and body. Formerly an editor for magazines such as Marie Claire, Glamour and InStyle, Nicola and her friends often found themselves stressed, tired and in need of a mood boost.

A trained nutritionist and aromatherapist, she experimented with homemade stress-busting concoctions, and launched Neom Organics with her business partner Oliver Mennell. If the name sounds funny, it’s a combination of their initials!

Neom’s products are sourced and made in England. They have no nasties in them and are natural and organic, made from ethically sourced, sustainable origins. All Neom products have three benefits – two for your skin and one for your mind.

In this review I’ll be looking at the new Neom Organics Wellbeing On The Go collection, which has landed just in time for your summer holidays. The summer special lets you pick five airplane friendly minis for the price of four. This means you get £40 worth of lovely products for just £32. All of the travel size products in this collection are under 100ml. So, you can safely tuck them in your hand luggage for wellbeing on the go.

The Nemo Organics Wellbeing On The Go collection features products from the following ranges:  Scent to Make You Happy, Scent to Instantly De-Stress, Scent to Boost Your Energy and Scent to Sleep. I’ll be taking a look at the first two.

Neom Organics Wellbeing On The Go Collection – Scent to Instantly De-Stress Range

Neom Organics Wellbeing On The Go
Neom Organics Wellbeing On The Go – Perfect For Travel

The products from this stress-busting range feature a warm aroma of lavender and Brazilian rosewood. This gives them a rich and spicy edge. It’s definitely an evening scent perfect for when you’re settling down or thinking about going to bed. I absolutely love it.

I tested the bath foam, body and hand lotion and the body scrub, with my favourite being the bath foam. The silky foam was softening and soothing. As a little extra it contained marshmallow and coconut oil, aloe leaf and sweet almond oil alongside the other spicy ingredients I mentioned. This complex concoction left my body feeling warm and relaxed after a bath. I didn’t need to use much to get a foam going so the small tester-sized bottle will last ages. Find the range here

Neom Wellbeing On The Go – Scent to Make You Happy

The other range I tested was Scent to Make You Happy – an uplifting blend of wild mint & mandarin, purposefully crafted to lift your mood. The scent itself is an intense explosion of mandarin that quickly settles in a softer aroma where the wild mint really comes through.

Neom Organics Wellbeing On The Go

I tested two products from this range – the face, body and hair oil and the hand balm.

My favourite of the two was definitely the hand balm. I’ve been using this regularly over the last couple of weeks. It contains cocoa and shea butter and a blend of eight essential oils, which are great for your skin. However, I was drawn to it because of the scent. I have used it regularly on my hands purely to boost my mood. I get quite anxious on plane journeys and it really helped settle my nerves when flying to Barcelona recently. When I was there it made me feel happy and uplifted whenever I pulled it out of my handbag and applied it.

If you’re heading out on holiday and want to take some wonderful smelling products then the Neom Organics Wellbeing On The Go collection is not to be missed. Even if you’re not travelling, this collection is a great way to test their products and find which suit you best. I’ll definitely be buying the larger version of the Scent to Make You Happy hand balm once mine runs out.

You can find Neom Organics in large department stores and to order online here

Happy shopping!


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