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Natural Spa Factory Peel Off Mask Review

21 Oct 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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I don’t know about you but I’ve always found peel off face masks so satisfying! They remind me of being being at school, covering your hand in glue, then peeling off. So the opportunity to try the Natural Spa Factory Peel Off Mask was too good a chance to miss.

They allowed me to pick any mask from the site. The Pearl and Gold Renewal Facial Mask sounded perfect to use after travelling to London for the Really Ree Collective meet up last week.

Natural Spa Factory Peel Off Mask
Natural Spa Factory Peel Off Mask

The Pearl and Gold mask is described on the site:

“Revives dull skin, retains moisture and leaves skin feeling smooth, gently cleansing to reveal radiant and beautiful skin. Its soft structure and its gold colour is a true renewal booster. It provides firming effects with 100% pearl and gold extract leaving you with a youthful glow.”

The mask comes in powder form and the instructions say to mix 10g of water with 30g of powder (a sachet = 30g). I had to google what 10g of water is and it’s 10ml or a desert spoon. When I added this to the mixture it didn’t mix much so I added another 10ml and so on until I’d actually added about 50ml of water. I double checked the instructions before use and even on the website. I live in a hard water area so this may have had an effect. Do be aware of this and add a little water at a time.

Natural Spa Factory Mask
Natural Spa Factory Peel Off Mask Texture

Once mixed the mixture was quite a bright yellow and there was a lot of it. The mixture expanded on my skin so this may be why? Once I’d applied a very generous layer, being quite thick and sticky it was hard to spread evenly, I actually had at least half of the mixture left so my Mum had a face mask too.

Over time the mask seemed to expand on my skin, it didn’t tighten like face masks normally do. The consistency was very strange indeed. I couldn’t figure out what it reminded me of until my Mum said builders putty and yes it’s like that. After 15 minutes we removed. Most peel off masks come off in small thin strips, this was large rubbery chunks. We then exfoliated the remnants off with a dry muslin cloth. Do not attempt to use water, it won’t work! I couldn’t even wash the bowl I used; I just scraped off the mix once dry and set.

Natural Spa Factory Mask
Natural Spa Factory Eye Patches

After using the peel off mask my skin was certainly softer and more supple and did seem a little less sallow looking. I followed by using the complimentary eye masks I was sent and the hydration from both products lasted until the following morning, so at least 18hrs.

I’m intrigued to know how the texture compares to others in the range so shall be slowly making my way through and will let you know on Twitter how I get on. In the meantime you can find the pearl and gold mask here


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