NARS Spring 2020 Blush Edit Review & Swatches
By Ree

NARS Spring 2020 Blush Edit Review & Swatches

11 Mar 2020 (Updated: 13 Mar 2020)

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‘llThis is such a pretty collection for the NARS Spring 2020 edit and it’s entirely dedicated to one of my favourite products, blush! I have photos and swatches of all ten new shades, which rather excitingly includes the return of a 2013 limited edition, Coeur Battant. Enjoy!!

NARS Spring 2020 Blush
NARS Spring 2020 Blush

All these blushes laid out together is like serious eye candy. This was such a fun and satisfying swatching session!

What’s in the NARS Spring 2020 Edit

So as I have said, this edit is purely blushes which I think is really cool. Blush is the perfect product for Spring time vibes and nothing can beat the healthy flush of the perfect blush. Oh I’m a poet!

I have quite a few favourites, which I will share shortly, but here’s the full line up of shades:

NARS Spring 2020 Blush Behave,  Dominate,  Coeur Battant, Tempted & Savage
NARS Spring 2020 Blush Behave, 
Dominate,  Coeur Battant, Tempted & Savage
  • Behave – matte pink mauve
  • Dominate – shimmering deep plum
  • Coeur Battant (bring back from 2013) – bright cool fuchsia
  • Tempted – mid-tone beige
  • Savage – shimmering red brown
  • Illicit – satin peachy nude
  • Aroused – satin deep burgundy
  • Orgasm X – shimmering deep coral with gold pearl
  • Zen – natural beige
  • Thrill – matte cool light pink
NARS Spring 2020 Blush Illicit, Aroused, Orgasm X, Zen, Thrill
NARS Spring 2020 Blush Illicit, Aroused, Orgasm X, Zen, Thrill

There are a couple shades that need a tiny bit of further chat. So as I have briefly touched on, not all the newness is technically new because Coeur Battant, that amazing fuchsia pink, is a returning limited edition from 2013. It was very much loved and I think a lot of beauty junkies will be very happy to welcome it back!

NARS Aroused & Orgasm X
NARS Aroused & Orgasm X

Also, check out Orgasm X!! This is NARS’ iconic universal Orgasm shade, but deeper. So if you have a darker skin tone, or want something that makes a lot more of an impact, you might be about to fall in love with NARS Orgasm X. I love it!

NARS Spring 2020 Blush Swatches

I had a lovely time swatching these shades. I think I have a few new faves. They are in two rows.

Behave, Dominate, Coeur Battant, Tempted and Savage:

NARS Spring 2020 Blush Behave,  Dominate,  Coeur Battant, Tempted & Savage Swatches
NARS Spring 2020 Blush Behave, Dominate,  Coeur Battant, Tempted & Savage Swatches

Illicit, Aroused, Orgasm X, Zen, Thrill:

NARS Spring 2020 Blush Illicit, Aroused, Orgasm X, Zen, Thrill Swatches
NARS Spring 2020 Blush Illicit, Aroused, Orgasm X, Zen, Thrill Swatches

I absolutely love NARS blushes, and these do not disappoint, perhaps with the exception of Zen which I struggled to swatch well, mainly because it’s pretty much the same colour as the skin on my arm. I’ll need to try it on my face, but I can’t see it being very ‘blushy’. I think if you are wanting to go super-nude, it could work really well.

My favourites are Behave, Dominate, Savage, Aroused and Orgasm X. Tom Ford actually have a blush called Savage that I love, but it’s actually nearer to the NARS Tempted shade, although not totally dissimilar. NARS Savage is gorgeous and coppery.

NARS Behave & Dominate
NARS Behave & Dominate

Behave is a prettiest, easy to apply and wear matte, whereas Dominate will require a lighter hand. It will look beautiful loaded on to the eyes with matching cheeks.

Aroused is a beauty – I love a deep berry blush and the satin finish is beautiful. And finally I think Orgasm X is going to be a real winner. It is such a stunning intense coral with Orgasm’s signature gold. I want to wear it on my eyes too.

The Full NARS Blush

The ten new shades join 15 existing shades that remain in the full collection:

  • ORGASM, peachy pink with golden shimmer
  • BUMPY RIDE, shimmering candy pink
  • DEEP THROAT, soft pink with golden sheen
  • SEX APPEAL, soft peach
  • GINA, matte tangerine
  • TORRID, warm coral with golden shimmer
  • LIBERTÉ, burnished apricot
  • LUSTER, sheer golden apricot
  • AMOUR, matte rose pink
  • TAOS, soft red with golden sheen
  • DOLCE VITA, matte dusty rose
  • SIN, cool berry with golden sheen
  • MATA HARI, matte cool pink
  • EXHIBIT A, matte red blush
  • TAJ MAHAL, burnished orange with golden shimmer
  • IMPASSIONED, pink orchid

Where to buy the NARS Spring 2020 Blush Edit

The new blushers are out now and available Space NK.* They are £25.

For more NARS newness, make sure you check out NARS Afterglow Collection Review & Swatches.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and stay tuned to the homepage and Instagram for news on all the latest launches and products. The Facebook page is here and make sure you also find me on YouTube.



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