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Nails Inc Mindful Manicure Review & Swatches

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Having been a tiny bit skeptical about the idea behind the Nails Inc Mindful Manicure range, I have to say, having tried them, I am  completely in love with everything about these polishes. They are pretty shades and they actually seems to make me focus on the energies that they claim to promote. Let me explain!

Nails Inc Mindful Manicure
Nails Inc Mindful Manicure

So!! These nail polishes are different because each shade is infused with a different crystal or gemstone which not only gives the colour a beautiful unique iridescent finish but also claims to have mood-enhancing power.  I love nail polish but to be completely honest, I don’t really do crystals. I’d love to because I really want to believe in something else, and my friend and beauty guru Marie Reynolds is a huge believer in the power of crystals. She is one of the most wonderful people I know.

Nails Inc Mindful Manicure
Nails Inc Mindful Manicure

I have tried a couple of the shades from the Nails Inc Mindful Manicure range and I have really enjoyed wearing them. The act of selecting my shade with the kind of mood-enhancing power I need has really allowed me to focus on how I am thinking and feeling – that’s something I often neglect as I rush around this busy life!

Nails Inc Mindful Manicure Shades

  • Future’s Bright – infused with citrine for happiness and healing
  • And Breathe – infused with tourmaline for stress relief and positive energy
  • Better Together – infused with rose quartz for friendship and love
  • Good Vibes – rainbow topcoat infused with clear quartz for aura enhancement
  • Balancing Act – pearlescent top coat infused with moonstone for balance and wisdom


So far I have road tested two of the shades and they are both really pretty. Also, I have felt compelled to talk about the polishes to friends and when I was wearing Future’s Bright I coincidentally commented to my friend Jen that I was having a really happy day and she said it must be the polish!

Nails Inc Mindful Manicure
Nails Inc Mindful Manicure – Future’s Bright Swatch

I painted my nails with And Breathe because I’m stressed that our little kitty Willis is very poorly and I wanted to try and focus my positive energy. Normally when I am worried my nails go to pot. This made me feel like I was channeling positivity instead of just sitting around, panicking and having bad nails!

Nails Inc Mindful Manicure
Nails Inc Mindful Manicure – And Breathe Swatch

What I like is that, whether the crystals work or not, (and some will believe and others won’t), every time I look at my nails I reflect on what the crystals represent and it helps me focus on being positive or happy. I have no idea what other nail lovers think about this range but it works for me!

The Nails Inc Mindful Manicure polishes cost £15 each and are available here.